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    Hi Everyone
    Got a bit of a dilemma!! Got a meal out on Fri night, want to stay on the simple start plan. Menu is set and everything on it seems high in cals. Not sure how I can work out my filling and healthy food. Any ideas. Eg of meals are smothered chicken, british chicken chimney pie, steak and ale pie, chargrilled salmon with chowder sauce. Help I am desperate xxx Thanks xxx

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    in a pinch I have scrapped sauces and gravies off of a piece of chicken, most menus will include at least one veggie you can eat, and also a salad, I pack my own dressing,but the key here is that the meal shouldn't be the focus of the gathering, it should be on why you got together, I make sure I eat before I go out, I might have a salad and an apple and follow it up with a yogurt, then I just pick on a little food and concentrate on my company.

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    This is probably one of the biggest reasons I've never attempted Core, Simply Filling or now Simple Start. I wish you luck.

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    Really all you can do is eat wisely what is put in front of you. Eat half of everything and try to get the dressing on the side with salad. Fill up on that. Someone once said "taste everything, eat nothing." Might work this time. It's just one night you can get back on track the next meal.

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    Are there any salad entrees available. Or perhaps phone entree without sauce.

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