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Thread: Happy New Year!!!

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    Default Happy New Year!!!

    Just wanted to wish you the healthy and happy 2014!!!
    I survived the holidays without the weight gain, and maybe even a loss. My center was closed on Christmas and today (mu meeting day is Wednesday) so I had to rely on my home scale. I am trying different meals from the Simple this APP!

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    Sounds like you've got a good head start! I think I survived the holidays with only a little gain.
    Here's to healthy happy 2014 to you and everyone else too.

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    I survived the new year and have not gained any. However i havent lost any either. I am beginning my program (this is first week) and im going to make it a success. My husband and I are working out together and doing this as a team. I do the weight watchers old program winning points and love it. good luck to all of you!

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