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Thread: New Restaurant Menus!

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    Default New Restaurant Menus!

    It's been a long time since I've talked about these - But I haven't stopped working on them!

    You can now see my progress, and what's to come - by checking out the new Restaurant Guides.

    I wanted to bring something useful and fresh to Health Discovery, hopefully this will help!

    Ok so I only have 1 restaurant so far...
    I'll try to add more as often as possible

    Enjoy, and remember to spread the word if you like them.

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    Default Re: New Restaurant Menus!

    Thank you Jace. I am looking forward to this site thriving again.
    Positive thinking gets positive results!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: New Restaurant Menus!

    ​I am so happy to see this here. Very helpful.
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    Default Re: New Restaurant Menus!

    Welp - I added a few more restaurants but noticed my facts were a little off on some items.
    So instead of using old data that I had to save time, I'll be be using only the most up to date and accurate information as possible.

    It will take a little longer to see the list grow, but I'd rather see it done right.

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