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    thank you to WW. In the past month I have taken off a little over 10 pounds of ugly fat. A total of 13 pounds off in 5 weeks, and another 20 pounds to go to my final goal. I am setting small goals right now-----my next one is to be down another 5 pounds by Christmas. I am sure somewhere along the way I am going to hit a plateau but for now I am just grateful for the success I have been blessed with so far. I am so glad I came back to WW. My esophagus problems and hiatal hernia have not shown any improvement so far but I am hoping another 10 to 15 pounds off will bring some improvement with that. In the meantime I am going to just stay on program as best I can. Not gonna be easy cause I am gonna start making Christmas cookies and candies next week. Anyone got any good ideas for staying op during the holidays? IF so please share them with me. I really am a sugarholic and need all the help I can get. Until next week----------God bless you all and hang in there. This is soooo worth the effort~

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    You are doing so well kamperstampr!! Great job so far. I know what you mean about the holiday cookies and candy. It's soooo tempting. We can DO this though. You have your weekly points and activity points to work with. Just limit the treats and you'll be fine! Reesa

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    Great job and great way to start the holiday season!

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