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Thread: Is Anybuddie Out There??

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    Hi, I don't see much activity here, which is disappointing because when I used to lurk here a few years ago it was a hoppin' place. I hope you all come back...


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    It does seem slow. But I'm new, and I'm locked out of a lot of the forums until I do more posts. :-( I hope there is more activity.

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    Most people who are still around have migrated off to some of the "special interest" groups. For example I post mostly on the 50's and beyond group due to my age.

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    Thanks for the responses. I can't get into those forums I guess until I post more.

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    I have the certain sections that open automatically when I come here so I sort of stumbled here. Getting lazy, need to explore more
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    I'm like you, I have just returned after several years. Still learning the changes in the site.
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    I am also new here. Is it always this slow. This week was my first week of SF. I like it. Suprised since i have done all the points counting and pre points. It makes more sense sorta like before they had point counting. Not as crazy as only 1/2 slice of bread lol

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