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Thread: osteoarthritis and exercise

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    Question osteoarthritis and exercise

    Being a relatively active person, I am surprised and saddened by the recent decline of my body, precisely my Rt hip. dr. determined it as the common type arthritis. Walks are a struggle if at all. Thinking maybe A bike would be my new type exercise. Right now I still try to walk but its hard to finsih even a mile.
    What do you do to keep moving?
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    Hi Cheryl. I'm 60 and have some arthritis in my knees. Primarily I walk but I do need to be careful especially if I am doing the walk on beach sand or country trails where the ground is uneven. This is most likely to put strain on my knees I guess because I am using them to help stabilize myself. I do notice that the more often and consistently I walk the less trouble I have overall but I do always need to be careful. For me, biking is also good because I don't find it puts strain on anything. That said, this week is the first time I took out my bike in about a year and after my first day my knee was sore and stiff to the point that I took an anti-inflammatory pill. I don't know if the bike caused it or if my walk from the prior day caused it. I did bike yesterday and increased the time from 30 minutes to 45 (actually did 54) and last night and this morning I felt good. I'm going to do another 45 in a couple of minutes. I would recommend checking with your MD about what exercises are best for you and your osteoarthritis as she/he will take everything about you into account when giving their advice. Good luck. I know how hard it can be to accept our limitations.

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    Marianne, thats great you are biking. Doc recommended swimming, no for me. Also tai chi. I need aerobic. I did a leslie sansone for 2 mile today. I can get a sweat from that. Good ol leslie dvd's . I take anti inflam tylenol 4x a day. Also trying tart cherry juice 2PP for 2T. I hope to feel some changes in anthor week
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    Cheryl, I did not research the bikes, but when I was in therapy after the knee replacements, they had me on the recumbent bike and my hips and back did not get sore. Of course, the time allotted for me to be on the bike was not long, so who knows.
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    I am off to get a rt hip replacement. The xrays shows bone on bone. After PT, I hope to be back to walking and by summer, walking 2 miles again.
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    Cheryl it will change your life. I have one knee replacement. The bike is best for my knees. I do walk and swim but I also enjoy just walking in the small warm water pool at the YMCA. That did nothing for my weight however. I changed back to the bike last week. Good luck to you. We all get arthritis. I've got it all over but keep moving as best I can.

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    Peggy thanks. Maybe when all is done, I will take a spin class again, and yoga if allowed. I know I have to keep moving. This did me in though. I too need something aerobic. No catheter, no staples. They used a sealant. I'm in my room now. Yesterday was hard but by 5:00 this PM, I feel better, less nausaŻs, weak groggy

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    My mum has really bad arthritic knees and lower back.

    I have started with symptoms in rt hip.

    Trying Honeygar (from H&B) been taking 6 weeks or so.

    I think putting socks on is easier now ... but could be in the mind.

    All the best for the surgery. Please report back.

    Thanks ... Gerry

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    Hi Gerry, so the rt hip is getting better and better, still using the walker but I am sure not too much longer. I had problems w/knees too. been using Osteobio-flex, no problem in the knees anymore. took cpl months to feel effects
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    Aerobic exercises are helpful in treating osteoarthritis. It also helps control weight by increasing the amount of calories the body uses. Aerobic exercises include jogging, walking, swimming, bicycling or using the elliptical machine, Strengthening exercises etc. These exercises help maintain and improve muscle strength.

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    Osteoarthritis problem can't be reversed, but treatment can reduce pain and help you move better. There are some medications that can help to ge relief from osteoarthritis symptoms, primarily pain, which includes Acetaminophen, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Duloxetine (Cymbalta), Fosamax Generic etc. These medications are said to be effective in dealing with relevant bone issues.

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