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Thread: Huge Milestone!

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    Default Huge Milestone!

    I hit my 100# weight loss this week. It's taken many years of yo yo dieting, but I did it. I am soooo happy! Woot.

    HW 386
    SW 330
    CW 284.2
    GW 174
    PW 150's

    LOST: 102.2 lbs


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    That is awesome!!!!!
    Positive thinking gets positive results!!!!!!!

    Dottie HW: 210.4 SW:203.6 WWG:
    141 CW: 108.5 (5-1-14)

    Made lifetime in 2003 and have maintained.

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    Way to go. You mush be over the moon proud

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    woo hoo! keep it up!

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    Amazing!! Congrats! keep up the great work! I am hoping to lose over 100 lbs, and you are an inspiration!
    "I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday" - unknown

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    Amazing accomplishment!

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    That is so inspiring! Great Job!!!
    1/5/2013 starting weight 267.8
    4/6/2014 current weight 265.6

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    How is it going now? Have you managed to maintain? ... hope so great job!

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