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Thread: 4.8 lbs down.

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    I can't post anywhere else yet so I thought I would post this here. I went to my meeting this morning and I am down 4.8 lbs for my first week back to WW. I am extremely pleased with this result. While I still have a long way to go I am very determined to enjoy the journey. I have made 2 promises to myself this time. I will workout/walk at least 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes and I will plan my dinner menus weekly. I don't worry about planning breakfast as I usually just have a breakfast bar (I love Fiber One Bars) or oatmeal. Lunch is usually leftovers garnished from dinners. I am one of those people who really likes leftovers. The main thing for me is to plan dinners so that I am not just grabbing something at the last minute when I am tired which can easily turn into take out or eating out. So this has been a good first week.

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    Hi! Great job!

    My planning is somewhat similar to yours. I plan the same breakfast and dinner for a week. My lunch is the big meal, and that's different every day, but always contains a salad to put my healthy oils on. I plan lunch the night before, and it's the meal at which I socialize and/or cook from scratch. I know that I'll have 13 points left for lunch (after deducting the salad dressing),which makes planning easier.
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    Congratulations on your great loss! I have found that planning and tracking go hand in hand with weight loss success! Planning doesn't have to be elaborate00it just needs to fit your circumstances. Sounds like both of you are doing that! Hooray for you!

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    Thats an awesome start. Nice going.
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    Keep up the great work!

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    Hey OCGIRL..
    I wish you all the best for the next task and congrats also for this great achievement..
    Well I think you have a wonderful plan to make a 4 days 30 minutes walking and some other exercises in a week.. Its give you more potential and help to allot to achieve your next goal..

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    Thumbs up Re: 4.8 lbs down.

    Keep up the good work! 4.8 is amazing! You are an inspiration!

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