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    Since all of the member groups use a daily or weekly thread style - I figured we should start one up here!

    How are things going for all of the other newbies this week?

    What significant steps did you guys take towards your goals?

    I guess I'll start with an update on myself. I was inspired to buy a pedometer from another newbie here. I lost it after 3 hours of use... Not surprising for me - I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached! I've been dealing with hip/flank pain since March of last year so a lot of times that is the cause for me not working out(or doing anything, really), and the consequence when I do. Still, I battle though it because I know I can't lay around all day. I'm not on a Weight Watchers program yet, but I've been making a lot of positive changes to the way I eat by way of healthier, smaller portions. My workouts right now consist of stretching, and light exercises. Mostly hip flexors, abs, and glutes since that is what PT has had me doing. I'll be slowly amping up my cardio in the next few weeks. I run out of breath fast, and too much activity increases my pain - so I feel like I'm limited by that.

    Hoping it'll all get better after time! Just got to stick with it I guess...

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    Jace, I am not a newbie, but wanted to comment on your problem. Have you seen a sports medicine person? The PT is good, but a sports med guy could get you moving or at least get you a diagnosis. Have you tried pool workouts? I've known people who've trained for marathons through stress fractures by working out in a pool. It's a lot harder than it looks, but the buoyancy of the water really keeps the stress off the hurting parts of your body.

    Good luck in getting moving pain free again.
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    Thanks for the tips! I haven't seen a sports medicine person yet. I have just been going with the flow of my PCP, but still haven't gotten a definitive answer - even after all of the imaging, tests, etc. I had located one near by, I just never set anything up. Maybe I'll get on that next week. Unfortunately there are not many pools near by here, and the river has been too cold! I can see where water workouts would help though - exercises where I'm not standing cause the least aggravation.

    For the other newbies... Where are you guys!?

    I did my workouts yesterday and some housework. I had a spinach leaf salad for dinner but I cheated on desert. Made up for it with a granola bar for breakfast this morning. I got in some good stretches and I will be doing more housework today - have family coming to visit in a couple of days so things have to be clean, clean, clean

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    I am still going! Went to pain management yesterday by referral of my PCP. I decided to decline any injections or narcotics. I really just want to FIX the problem. Did some good exercises. I do stretches almost all day it seems. Family comes tomorrow.

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    Well this week was a bust. Family leaves tomorrow. I think we've tried all of the best restaurants in town... We did do hiking(about 3 miles) out to some waterfalls the other day. It was a lot of fun and didn't cause me too much pain. Didn't help a whole lot either though. Have to get back on the wagon after tomorrow. No excuses!

    I was hoping this wouldn't turn into a personal blog, but none of the other new members have joined me here.

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    Looks like I just got promoted too

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    I'll Join you Jace. I can't join any of the groups yet, I'm too new to the site. I did WW 10 years ago and lost 35 pounds, I wasn't at goal, but I quit and now I'm starting again weighing even more than the first time I started.

    I started going to Jazzercise at my local gym every Saturday morning, I'm the biggest one in the class, but I love it. Tomorrow is Saturday, I can't believe I'm looking forward to being in an exercise class!

    Have a great weekend.

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    Awesome! I'm glad you've found something enjoyable. That's definitely the key for me.

    I am still trying to get back on track after having family visit. 2 steps forward and one step back is still better than 1 forward and 2 back!

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    Anthqueen, you are telling my story! I hope to find a support group here, since I still follow the old WW points plus system (I believe that was the one) I have an app on my phone that tracks my points (bites) for me and it is really helpful. I've just finished my first week with having stayed above 20, but under my allotted points a day. Eating small meals, and slowly working exercise back into my daily routine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jace View Post
    Looks like I just got promoted too
    Congrats! Hopefully it doesn't take too long for me. I was a member her eons ago and don't remember my username and my email is now defunct. Oh well, baby steps help too. Lol

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    Yea it doesn't take long

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    Hi everyone! I have made a plan this past week to eat a ton more vegetables. I got a huge bage of broccoli from Costco and have been steaming it then adding Mrs. Dash seasoning to it. I also got a huge bag of spinach. I have made spinach omletes, curries and sauted it with garlic and chili flakes. I like trying to find new ways to eat veggies. Next week I think I'll focus on carrots and romaine lettuce. Just to switch things up.

    Happy Healthy Eating!

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    Sheesh, I feel like I am really slacking now!
    I won't say much about my eating choices lately other than they haven't ALL been bad...

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