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    Where is the info for the 360 plan? I would like to know the updates on the plan. Unfortunately I am unable to do the online or go to meetings. But I have my points plus stuff from 2012 and my points plus calculator. I am planning on doing it without the meetings with 2 buddies. Thanks.

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    I saw a couple of posts in the 'Library' section here.

    From what I can tell the points stuff you have from last year still apply. The food plan is the same.
    The 360 plan includes changes to how they evaluate your activity and encourage participation.

    Maybe others who have better first hand knowledge will chime in...

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    According to my nutritionist (who passed away recently at age 102 after 50 years in Weight Watchers, 49 of them at goal weight -- and she was one of the people who designed the first professionally-developed WW plan, all those years ago), the points equation is the same. And since I was given her 2012 points calculator as a memento, this seems to be true from experience. I don't use activity points, so I don't know about that part. The main thing seems to have been setting up a teaching module called "Routines and Spaces", both for new members and as an anchor for weekly and monthly meeting topics. For instance, the September Routine was "Know what you're having for lunch", and there have been weekly classes both on Routines and Spaces. My poor hubby came home from an overseas trip, and discovered that I'd totally redone the kitchen "space", LOL!


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    Thanks for asking, I'm curious myself. I have been a yo-yo WW member for most of my adult life, and I am confused about what the difference is between the 360° and the points plus? Not going to meetings as of right now, just following online, because I just dont have time as a working mother and student, but thinking maybe I should go to 1 meeting just to get the info?

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