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Thread: Making it easier for newbies!

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    Default Making it easier for newbies!

    Hey all!

    It seems that many come to the forum, but few stay.
    So, in an attempt to try and give newcomers a better sense of direction, I've split the 'Basic Training' area into three different sections.

    "Introductions", "Getting Started", and the "Play Area".

    The "Advanced Training Groups' has been renamed to 'Training Groups' so as not to dissuade new members from becoming a part.

    The 'Newbie Handbook' will be also be receiving some updates.

    If anyone can think of anything else that might streamline the joining and becoming active process, feel free to discuss your ideas.

    If there are any new members that have recently joined, I'd like to hear from you as well. What difficulties did you come across?

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    Default Re: Making it easier for newbies!

    We've recently revised the Newbie Handbook

    Hopefully making it a little easier for new members to get the jest of whats going on when they first sign up. It's not perfect, and I'll be making some updates to it again sometime in the future. But the 'Home Group' thing was a little confusing. Mention of it has been removed. Posting is encouraged wherever anyone can access and deems fit.

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