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    Have you noticed the errors in posting? Some of us are not even able to make paragraphs any longer. I can barely change color or font. Look at my post from this morning in the 50' and above thread. It 's a mess and I had just settled on one color one size and one font but got this. Is there anything you can do to fix this?
    Thanks for any response.

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    Sorry Peggy, just now seeing this. Hopefully I was able to work with you by email getting this resolved. I know multiple users were having issues with paragraphs and fonts. There was a recent security issue with Java plugins, and many browsers disabled it until it was updated.

    If anyone is having issues with the editor not working correctly, there's a few things you can do.

    Determine if Javascript is enabled

    Test if Java is working correctly

    Check Adobe Flash Version

    Javascript is particularly important and will need to be working for our editor. You can typically enable it in your browsers settings.
    You may want to check if there are updates for any of these, as well as to whichever browser you are using.

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    Jason, someone that had the problem with paragraphs went to mozella firefox and told me about it. Fixed my paragraph issue just not using IE. I did all the steps you have outlined above and they did not change my problem. Now guess I have to learn how to use a new browser!
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    Thanks for the information on switching browsers.
    It is likely something within the browser settings of Internet Explorer - maybe fixable with some tweaking?

    As a web designer/computer technician - I would recommend all users switch to Firefox or Chrome. Really, anything non-IE.
    Internet Explorer has consistently been behind on features, and lacks the security that other browsers offer.

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