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Thread: Barley legal. Lol...I crack myself up.

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    Default Barley legal. Lol...I crack myself up.

    Hey guys. I just started back on WWers last weekend and I've opted for the simply filling path. My question is concerning barley. I have material that says barley is not an acceptable power food. The chicken barley chili recipe on the back of the quaker barley box is a mainstay for me and I need to know if I need to tweek the recipe and substitute brown rice or another acceptable grain so as to make it 100% simply filling acceptable. This is my rescue soup when I get hungry and I hate to be without it! Thanks in advance.

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    Really? Nothing? this thing on? Lol. I knew activity was slow but I didn't think it was dead!

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    Hey davey boy..... I'm Alive but have no clue how to answer your question.......can you cut the quantity of barley so it's negligible? Are oats allowed? I guess I'm going to have to take my coupon, hang my head and go to the meeting for the NEW, new new new materials. Sigh.
    You're doing great btw, if the soup is keeping you from falling off the deep end it must be good.

    PS, can you post the recipe?

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    David are you sure about the barley? I just checked e-tools and there's a green triangle next to both Barley, cooked and Barley
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    Barley is definitely a power food. Enjoy your soup!

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    that soup sounds real good. Dare I say, souper?

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