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    I am wondering if anyone can educate me. I understand that when you cook fruit, the sugar content goes up and therefore cooked fruit has points. However, I am not understanding how a cup of fresh blueberries is free. But a cup of frozen is 2 point. Unless I am just getting bad info from my mobil app.

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    I'm looking in the online version and I see Blueberries, frozen, unsweetened as 0 points for 1 cup and Blueberries, frozen, sweetened as 5 points for 1 cup.
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    I didn't realize there was a difference in pts between cooked(no sugar ) and frozen. Learn something new all the time.

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    Frozen fruit and veggies are quite amazing. I've read that because they are picked ripe and frozen in a location near the farm, they are often more nutritious than fresh vegetables in the grocery store (which can be shipped from anywhere, ripened artificially, and have a lot of time pass between picking and eating).

    While I'd never forego the joys of fresh local produce, I buy a lot of frozen too (and also freeze anything local and seasonal that I can get for a reasonable price). We're thinking about buying our SECOND stand-alone freezer, not counting the one in the refrigerator. We like freezing better than canning, and also like to make big pots of sauces and soups, then freeze them so that we always have a selection of points-friendly meals available.


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