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Thread: Are you a volume eater?

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    Default Are you a volume eater?

    During my losing mode, I ate popcorn almost everyday. I have always loved popcorn. My DH thinks I ate it because I like volume. And, yes I do. I am also a crunchy/salter eater. I love to a eat the whole batch of popcorn. Often times I tell myself that I should just make a half a batch because it's really enough, but I rarely do. I love my big ol' bowl of popcorn.

    But it's with other foods too. I would far rather eat 4 pieces of fruit then a small 4 point brownie. (Ok, I know the points+ doesn't count fruit, but I haven't switched to points+ yet)

    Or like if I have a can of progresso soup. A whole can is a big bowl, but noooo, I like to add a can of green beans to it.

    The thing I like about light bread is that 2 slices is 1 point (old program, sorry). I can eat 4 pieces of light bread with a little butter spray and 2 eggs, one minus the yolk and have this huge 4 points breakfast.

    Are you a volume eater? I am a believer in maximizing my points. I got chubby for a reason, I over ate. Over time, food has become less important to me, and I am not that focused on it, but I do like to eat. Often times, I just feel like food is over-rated.

    I don't "eat like a bird", I like volume.
    How do you maximize your points?
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    I'm with you Trudie. For me, esp. in the beginning, WW was a game. And, the name of the game was try to find the things with the most volume and the lowest points. I remember, one time, when I was really hungry but I didn't have much left in my DPA, I ate a soup bowl full of steamed broccoli. It was the whole bag of it.

    Afterwards, the next day, I told my friend, "I pigged out on broccoli last night." And, he said, "I don't think too many people in your WW meeting are there because they pigged out on broccoli!" And, he was right.

    This all said, I have to be careful. Oranges the size of softballs. Grapes the size of golf balls. And, half a watermelon are all volume fruits. But, they're still sugar. And, sugar leads to pounds gained.

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    Lol, love it. Pigged out on broccoli. So true, none of us are on WW because we pigged out on broccoli.

    It's kinda like my green beans. Seems to be my go to food when I am out of, or low on DPA. I then "pig out" on green beans. Yup, I have eaten many a cans of green beans.

    So true about fruit. I have to be careful with that one. I can easily eat 4-5 fruits a day. I still wonder if bananas are an enemy of mine. I buy a bunch of 5-6 banana's. I am always looking for the smallest banana', vs the big honking' ones. But, they only keep for a few days. I often eat one on the way to work and one for breakfast or lunch. I usually pack 3 fruits in my lunch each day. That's to cover breakfast, lunch, and for the ride home from work.

    Also, when I eat a banana on the way to work, I find that I am STARVING by about 8:00 am. I think it's the sugar in it that makes me so hungry.

    Off topic:
    I know you are faithful about journaling, sometimes I wish I would have kept a few of my journals from my journaling days. To just really compare how I was eating back then to how I am eating now. That was a long time ago now. I've got a 5 pounds I'd like to lose vs accepting the weight that I am, but it's been hard. I think I have gotten to sloppy. No...I know I've gotten sloppy. Time to clean up my act and get back to the basics I guess.
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    Default Re: Are you a volume eater?

    The journal thing is interesting. I still have all of mine. Tracked everything I have eaten over the last 337 weeks. (Yes, I am counting.)

    It is interesting to see that some things I still eat all the time. Other things, in the past, I ate often - and now hardly eat at all. But, for sure, I am a routine eater.

    I eat about 4 to 6 servings of fruit per day. And, I am really starting to think that's too much. I'm working on getting it closer to 3-4 per day and drinking a lot more water in it's place. I am far from there yet. But, at the least, I recognize it's something I need to do.

    I've come a long way from 2005! Never would I have thought that TOO MUCH FRUIT would be my problem. Back then, I NEVER at fruit, much at all.

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    Default Re: Are you a volume eater?

    That's impressive Sup! I journaled on paper yesterday and today for the first time in quite some time. There is definitely power in the paper and pen! Since maintenance, I have essentially been journaling in my head. Have done it for years, and will get back to it, but for added accountability to myself, its paper and pen for me for a while.
    HW: 195.6/SW: 195.6
    CW: 133 PGW: 138 WWGW: 155

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    Default Re: Are you a volume eater?

    I have always said that, some day, I would journal in my head. I think that's the ultimate goal. No reason why I can't do it. But, for some reason, it's hard to get out of the routine of writing it down and tracking that way.

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