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    A few years ago I started my journey with CORE. I LOVED it! It was primal LOL it was really fun to find ways to make things taste different and incorporate my favorite "tastes" into recipes...(cocoa and splenda makes pretty much ANYthing chocolate)

    I KNOW CORE inside and out (I am sure I can reach into my memory bank and my materials, I'm sure.)

    I would like to try the Simply Filling program, but I would like more info on it first because I know that it has changed from CORE. Can someone please direct me to useful threads on the forum for this to save some search time on my end?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hey again, I've read quite a bit of stuff on here about the changes, etc, and i think the best approach is to google "simply filling", and you'll get to the lists. I rejoined the online version, since i work sort of odd hours and can't get to a meeting, but was really disappointed in the lack of info on the site about the SF plan. Just ask if you have any questions after you look I t over and if i don't know the answer, i'll find out. :-)

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    I hope it is not THAT different from Core. I know avocados and olives are out. Also, I think the one a day grain is out, and now it is to satisfaction? Also, now lite breads are in.

    Wonder what else I am missing.

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    Oh, there is a sticky up at the top.

    Of course, I just bought black bean burgers...why oh why would they be out???

    Hmmm, And canned chicken? And all pork? I thought pork was a lean meat?

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    Teg, if you've used the black bean burgers before without them impeding your weight loss, go ahead and use 'em up! As for pork, if it is the "new white meat" kind, I'm counting it as SF, just like I would white breast of turkey or chicken. And I just read where the Swanson's Premium Chicken Breast in water is OK. Close enough!!

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    Sounds reasonable. Thanks.

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    is TVP out? I hope not. It's cheap and i have this recipe that keeps me on track that is wonderful...

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    I have to agree with lady's and say if you use it with success, I would not give it up.

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    I just wanted to say, I love core. And always will. I stop back in every few months to look at the recipes and meal plan. It's the way of eating I always fall back on when I see the scale creeping up or if I know my diet has been lacking. Right now I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I'm going to loosly follow core, I'm hoping it will help me to not gain a ton of extra weight but more importantly so I can feel good about how I'm eating and be healthy. I hope everyone is doing well!
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    I was wondering how to count sf pudding now that it isn't Core? The skim milk is Core but the dry pudding isn't? Thank you.

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    You use your calculator to figure the points for the dry pudding mix and deduct them from your weekly 49.

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    I love Simply Filling and was so glad to see Weight Watchers promote the Simple Start with good recipe ideas for those of us that like Simply filling!

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