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    Hello....I am a previous member of WW and lost 70lbs on the program 5-6 years ago, and have gained every ounce back :-( I have had a couple of medical issues in the past 2 years, that prevented me from exercising, so the gaining really sped up the past couple of years. I am at the point now that I HAVE to do something!! I am so disgusted with myself, I do not care about anything anymore....I don't care how I look, I don't care how I dress, I do not have the energy to do the smallest task, so that leads to me not caring how my house looks.....none of these characteristics are "me"....but I feel helpless in overcoming these things. I decided to return to WW....the only class in my small town is on Thursday's, so I came to this site to work on my attitude adjustment. When I think back on my life (before I had medical issues) at how active and proud I was, it makes me very very seems I have given up. When I look at the chore it will be to restore my health and lose weight, I feel as if I am not capable of doing either. I also lost someone I loved very much and who also was my biggest cheerleader, in 2011. I am not seeking pity or false platitudes, I just need to know that others have risen to the task and that (maybe) I can too. Thank you.

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    You have an advantage here. You did the program. You succeeded at the program. You lost a lot of weight.

    You have another advantage. You gained the weight back.

    How is that an advantage?

    You now know what to do - and - what not to do!

    Track your food. Stick to your points. Make good food choices.

    You can do this - you already did once - now you just need to do it again.

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    Hi Bluhonie

    I am in the same boat as you. I lost a considerable amount of weight on weightwatchers years ago and gained all of it back and then some. Now I am back at it and take it step by step like I did before. We did it once we can do it again.

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    Welcome back. You can do it again. You've already proven it. Just take it one day at a time.

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    I understand how you feel but you CAN do it WE can do it even if it is 1 hour at a time.

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    It is funny to see just how many people are in the same boat. I too gained most of my weight back and never really looked at it as an advantage. I guess knowledge really is power. The basics of tracking, measuring, weighing and exercising still apply no matter what. We have the tools we just have to find it in ourselves to use them. I feel exactly the same way. I lost all self sense let myself go and my focus go in all aspects of life. But its never too late to change all of that to get up and fight for yourself. We can and will do this.

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