This is my first post here ever, but I'm trying to get acquainted with this site.
I have a question about electronic/phone app trackers for the SF plan. Are there any? I'm having the hardest time keeping track of my WPA. Also, I like to keep track daily of everything I eat. I'm obsessively accurate. If I use the little hand held point calculator from WW, it is tracking me for DPAs, which I don't want. It won't switch over to WPAs only, will it? I mean, the little thing is sort of a piece of junk anyway, and I really regret getting it. So, I've been tracking Points on my phone via a "decent" app, but there is no way to search a food database on it. Either way, there is also no way to enter all your food and have it subtract ONLY WPAs for a whole week. If anybody can give me tips on electronic/phone app trackers for WPAs only, I figured it would be this group. Any advice is greatly appreciated.