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    Hi! I am new to WW and would love to hear some of your favorite quick and easy snacks; things I can grab in a hurry when I don't have time to prepare something.

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    Well fruit and precut veggies are good. Pre-portioned, by you, cottage cheese, string cheese, nuts. These are my usual snacks. Hopefully someone will come along with a few more I can't think of right now.

    Good luck! and welcome.

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    I like Fiber One and Fiber Plus bars, assorted fruit, a small container of mixed nuts, babybel cheese, Laughing Cow wedges, high fiber bread and some lean roast beef or turkey with some low fat mayo and maybe some spicy mustard. I keep sliced tomato, onion, sandwich sliced pickles and lettuce for sandwiches ready to build and/or go if needed (kinda like a picnic) ;-)
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    I also like the babybell cheese and the wedges with an apple for a quick snack.

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    Fiber One products give me horrible gas and stomach cramps. LOL! But not funny when you're experiencing them.

    I like WW string cheese, the smoked mozzie variety. It's good with a piece of fruit. And of course various flavors of yogurt.
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    string cheese and dried tomatoes
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    So many great ideas!!

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    For me, the issue is portion control. Having little bags with points marked, helps. Some can be carried, some left in the fridge. Pretzels, carrot sticks. I have enjoy small portions of smoked salmon and cucumber pieces.

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    Quaker mini rice cakes!

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    Hello, just discovered crunchmaster crackers. Really good. I have 5 of them, and use a laughing cow wedge, usually Swiss!!

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