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Thread: Private Memo Changes???

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    Default Private Memo Changes???

    Hi, Jace,

    I may have missed an announcement--so forgive me if I should already know this. I went to send a Private Memo (or Personal Message... don't remember what it was called), and instead of the old screen coming up, the recipient's e-mail address came up. I think that before, we could only get the e-mail address of someone by them sending it to us through a PM. I know that the boards are private now, but are there any security risks by having the e-mails available? i.e. Any chance of a "crawler" getting those addresses? I'm not a teckie

    Hmmm... editing, here. I just noticed that it changes from person to person--some, like the profile I clicked this morning, have "send e-mail," some have just "private message," and some have both. Guess it depends upon the way each of us has set up our profile. Guess I don't have to worry.
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    Default Re: Private Memo Changes???

    Each user can set the option to show or hide their email to other members in their profile settings. Emails have never been made public, they are only displayed for members. I actually recently bumped this security when re-doing the ranking/permission system, to only make email available for members who have made it past "recently enlisted" rank. Which helps prevent "bots" that register for the sole purpose of information harvesting such as emails. It's not fool-proof, but combined with our other efforts we hope to thwart most of this kind of activity.

    So yea, no worries! - or at least very few!

    The security of our members private personal information is one of the sites top priorities.
    (Btw I majored in network security when going for my degree, you are in good hands)

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