We have rolled out out first round of improvements including a forum update that contain new features for the forum such as auto-save, updated quick reply, better user graphics, and forum layout. We also added on a new ranking system which include updated insignias and updated calculations. There were a lot of new features with these updates - too many to list!

Before we do more updates, we'll let these run for a while and monitor / fix any "bugs".
There were a few hiccups with new permission settings, but it's seems I've got them mostly ironed out.

Things we are still looking at adding to the forums include:

Auto approval of new members (who have not already been flagged elsewhere as spammers)
A live chat feature
Incentives for guest browsers to join and post
Activating the content management feature (more info on this will be posted)

Plus we'll be adding some better detail information on new features that we have.

I'll try keep everyone posted on other upcoming features!
If there's anything you'd like to request, send notice to admin@healthdiscovery.net