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Thread: That's Sooooooo NOT Weight Watchers!

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    Default That's Sooooooo NOT Weight Watchers!

    You've reached goal. You've made lifetime. And, you have maintained. But, that said, there's still something you do that's so, not, weight watchers. What is it?

    Me? When we are out, I steal french fries off my kid's plates. They never eat them all. So, I sample them.

    It's crazy. French Fries should be the devil's food. Bad carbs. Too much fat and salt, etc. It's probably healthier to eat yesterday's newspaper.

    I know all this, and, yet, I still reach over and grab a few of their fries. And, I am ashamed when I do it. I should know better. I do know better. But, I still do it.

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    Supe--what's making this not WW? Are you counting the P+ or pretending they don't exist? Even if you're on core/SiFi you can eat fries as long as you track them.

    WW isn't some plan meant to be blindly followed by orthorexics--it's meant to be followed by real people in real situations eating real food. FF are just as valid as a cookie or a handful of nuts, if that's what you want. I have a friend who says we didn't get fat eating the cake ( or the fries), we got fat eating 10, 000 carrots, and then ALL the cake.

    Now, sit a spell and tell ol' Kris. Are you worried that you're not on top of this? Is it a bad habit that you need to change (1. either keep your mitts off your kid's food in general or 2. Embrace it and track it)

    I'm pulling for you, we're all in this together.
    No power in the 'verse can stop me.

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    Kris - I usally don't track them. They fall under the BLTs for me. And, I am terrible at tracking those. Then again, I rarely use all of my WPA. So, I guess it's an offset.

    I hear what you are saying - WW is about real food and about not denying ourselves what we want to eat.

    But, personally, I like to take it a step further. I know that 4 points of almonds is better for me than 4 points of WW ice cream. And, I know that 4 points of lean tukey is better for me than 4 points of funnel cake.

    And, while my taste buds may want the ice cream and cake, I know that my body will run better on the almonds and turkey. So, when I make those "bad choices," it still vexes me.

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    Ah, yes, I hear ya--but you have to make those funnel cakes and ice cream count too! There are 365 days per year (Bonus. 366 this one!), which, by my calculations gives us 1095 meals and (at 2 snacks/day) 730 snacks. The vast majority of choices should be premium fuel, but some of those choices absolutely should be treats. One problem, I think, is when all snacks are equated with being "treats"--not you, Supe, but more of a general observation of watching people eat.

    Me. I LOOOOOVE fresh cider donuts. I have them once a year at the fair. Which is when I also have my one funnel cake a year. Then, admittedly, I get heartburn. On summer vacation on the coast, I will have ONE serving of fried clams on the water (which I usually don't even finish). But, there are 727 other snacks to be had until next year. Most of them will be fresh peaches, or Greek yogurt, or some nuts. But some will be cookies and milk, some will be fruitcake, and some will be movie popcorn.

    I'm surely not saying that trying to eat as well as possible isn't a great goal, but I don't think that the trade-off needs to be shunning the occasional "fun food" (for lack of a better term....) or feeling down about enjoying it. I work with a lot of very sad college-aged girls who agonize about "good" and "bad" food, and it's heart-breaking.
    No power in the 'verse can stop me.

    SW:231 (12/30/11) CW:223.5 (-7.5 lbs) First goal: 5% (219.5)

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    Default Re: That's Sooooooo NOT Weight Watchers!

    I know Kris. It is important not to deny yourself. And, I have seen fit and trim people eat a donut, ice cream, a canoli or brownie. It can be done! (LOL) They just use portion control, don't do it often, and perhaps offset it with a lower calorie meal that day. I tell myself that's what "normal" people do. Me? I would eat a half-dozen donuts during the day and then have 4 slices of pizza for dinner that night - and then have another snack after the pizza. That was my crime - no control.

    Also, I just feel better now when I make better choices. I truly try to see food not as comfort or a treat. I see it as fuel. I know how much I need and how often I need it. And, I know that I "run" better on better "fuel." That's why I get pissed at myself for snacking on the fries.

    I wouldn't put a can of coke into the gas tank of my car. So, I should not better than to put those fried fat sticks in my mouth.

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