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Thread: Easy snack ideas?

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    Hi Everyone!

    I have classes a couple days a week from 8am-2pm. I eat breakfast every morning, but by noon I'm hungry again. I don't have much time in between classes for a meal so I was just wondering if I could get some of other people's favorite "on the go" snack ideas!! Thanks!


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    Jen - the answer is: Fruit!

    During the day, I "snack" on apples, bananas, oranges - whatever fruit I can get my hands on. And, if I can't find that, then I go to veggies - like carrots. It's all filling and zero points.

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    Hey, Jen. I'm a salt person so I like to do veggies and hummus for a snack. String cheese is also a good snack or half of a luna bar or other protein bar. Those are easy to take with you and pretty filling. It's great that you're thinking ahead and packing something to eat. Planning is SO key to your success! I know that if I don't plan and just go with the flow, I always eat more than I want to or intended to.
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    thank you for the ideas! That is exactly what i do too. Before I started back up on WW i used to wait until after all my classes to eat and that always ended badly. I like the hummus idea. I'll have to try that. thanks again :-)

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    Before WW, one of my terrible habits was going around 8 hours without eating. Then, of course, when it was time to eat, I was starving and would eat much more food than a person has a right to eat. Really, I am talking about a TON of food - stuffing myself.

    Since WW, I have learned that it makes sense to eat all day. Really, when people ask me how I stay so fit, I tell them that I eat all day. You should see how they look at me!

    I eat breakfast at 6 AM, lunch at noon, and dinner around 6:30 PM.
    But, I also have some fruit at 9 AM, some more at 3 PM, or maybe some veggies, and then I have a snack at night around 9 PM - usually fruit again.

    This way, I am eating every three hours during the day - 6 AM, 9 AM, 12noon, 3 PM, 6:30 PM, and 9 PM. This keeps me full and avoids the pig outs. Plus, my metabolism runs like a machine this way.

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    I eat Fiber One bars when I have to go somewhere and wont be able to eat, fruit and veggies are sometimes messy or inconvenient if you're on the go, so I'll eat a Fiber One and drink a bottle of water and I'm full!

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    Luna Bars are an amazing snack, and they now come in a mini size (2PP). I keep 2-3 mini bars in my purse and in my work bag for times when I need something to hold me over.

    If you can carry a cooler bag:

    Pomegranate arils are delicious! It is more expensive to buy just the arils but I think it is worth it for the convenience, because pomegranates are darn messy to try and eat by otherwise.
    Cottage cheese or Greek yogurt is a relatively easy thing to pack.
    Hardboiled eggs travel well, and you can buy them already boiled and peeled at Trader Joe's!
    I second hummus! Delicious, and totally filling when eaten with raw vegetables!

    Trader Joe's is a great place to wander for snack ideas. I am obsessed with their Lite Kettle Corn (3PP) and their Skinny Fries (3PP).

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    I adore Gnu bars. 14 g of fiber, 140 calories or less, 5 g of fat or less. 2 points on the old plan, but I don't know how many pp... I am just returning and only have access to my momentum points counter. they taste great, and are super filling. Just remeber to drink water with them or you might get tummy problems

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    Almonds are easy to pop into a snack size bag and put in your pocket~!
    Weight watchers is a tool its up to me how I use it!

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