In addition to the new ranking system. We will also be implementing an achievement and award system that will give members awards and achievements for certain forum actions.

Awards are distributed to the individual user who has out-shined others in the award category. As an example, these are some of the default awards: Most Popular, Activity Award, Posting Award, Community Award, Frequent Poster, Blog Award, Calendar Award, Discussion Ender, Master Tagger, User with most referrers, Downloads, Arm of Law, King of Publishing. These will likely change.

Achievements are very similar to the awards given to the top-users. Unlike an award, an achievement is not limited to a single user. Each member can reach certain achievements, and will be given a medal for doing so. An example of some achievements would be for creating your first blog, being a member for x number of years, having x number of friends, obtaining x number of "Bootcamp Merits" and so forth.