The current ranking system ranks members by post count.

We are working on a new Ranking / Promotion system that will take into consideration a variety of other factors.

Taken into calculation are these things:
- Creating threads and gaining additional points from views, replies, votes and ratings to this thread
- Creating thread tags
- Getting a thread stickied

- Creating posts

- Days since registration
- Average posts per Day (for users who are registered for at least seven days)
- Referrals
- Received infractions
- Given infractions ("Arm of Law")
- Reputation / Use of reputation system
- Uploading pictures
- Making friends
- Completing profile

- Doing calendar entries
- Writing vBulletin Blogs
- Publishing content with vBulletin CMS (coming soon)
- Manually assigned points

In addition to new rankings, each rank will have a set of user permissions that allow you increasing functionality on the forum. Moving up in ranks will allow you more custom styling of your posts and blogs, larger profile/avatar pictures, animated pictures, larger PM storage, ability to create albums and other features like traceback/pingback for blogs, as well as the ability to add blocks, photos, and videos.