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    Last night, my son wanted to go to Friendly's to celebrate his 8th birthday.

    Now, Friendly's isn't exactly full of good food choices. But, you can make your own burger - including your source of protein, roll, and toppings.

    So, I got a bocca burger on a wheat roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, mushrooms and green peppers. And, it was pretty tasty.

    It sure beat a red meat burger with bacon and cheese on a white roll, that's for sure.

    Have you ever enjoyed a healthy meal at a place not known for healthy meals?

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    That burger does sound good. I have become "one of those people", you know the kind... they ask lots of questions about the menu and how food is prepared, what the "secret" ingredients are, etc. I've always been a bit of a special order queen but that's only been made worst in recent months since I stop eating meat/ seafood and dairy. Now, I pretty much have to make healthy meal choices at every restaurant I go to.

    I recently went to a French restaurant. The French are certainly not known for their light fare and every item on the menu was cooked in cream and smothered in butter. I ended up having a portobello mushroom (cooked without the cream and butter), substituted a few fries instead of mashed potatoes (full of cream and butter which I avoid) and veggies. My mom and friend probably eat 1000+ calories in their main entree while I ate far fewer, got to experience the new "hot" restaurant in town, and left feeling satisfied.

    I guess what I took out of that experience is that I can eat at any restaurant and still eat healthy as I've never been to a restaurant that objects to making a few simple changes to keep their customers happy. This is a very good lesson for me as I prepare for 3 weeks in France this summer.

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    We have a place here in LA called The Counter where you can order your burger totally your way. I do turkey burger on lettuce with every fresh topping they have. Yum.

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    Good Morning All.......

    I have to agree with @Westcoastgirl, that restaurants, (even the big chains), are under increasing social and political pressure, (re: obesity epidemic and it's impact on the health care system), to not only offer "lighter" fare....... but make subtle changes to their regular menu to accommodate their customers request's. They are running a business. They want to keep their customer's happy........and coming back !!!! I know I for one would not return to any restaurant if they are not interested in pleasing me, as the customer.

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    My son has fatal food allergies so we have been asking for special treatment for him for 27 years now. We mostly always get cooperation so moving this over to WW sensibilities was not too hard for us to do. We mostly eat in predictable safe places anyway and they know us by now but it's been pretty successful for us.

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    My wife follows the "Kind Diet." So, often, when we go out, there's nothing on the menu for her. And, I always tell her "It's a restaurant. They have a huge kitchen full of food. Just tell them what you want and see if they can put it together for you. I am more than sure they would be willing to charge us for whatever you request."

    And, more times than not, it works.

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    What is the Kind diet? They won't tell you anything when you Google it. You have any specifics? Just wanting to know without buying the book. LOL!

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    Peg - here's more on it:
    My wife doesn't follow it to the letter, as she will eat eggs. But, that's it for animal protein for her. She does not eat meat, poultry, fish, cheese or any dairy product. (She uses almond and soy milk in her tea.)

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