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    I've been on WW for almost 6 years now - and lifetime since January 2007. I'm OP everyday, tracking, etc.

    But, I still have a hard time when visiting my parents house. (And, I am 49 years old and my parents are in their 70's!)

    There's always too much food there at family events. And, some of is "the bad stuff." (In the past, most of it was "bad" - but, my parents have made changes in the years for when me and my family visit them.)

    Without looking, I would guess that 75% of the time I eat at my parents house, I go over my DPA that day. Maybe more than 75%.

    It's a struggle for me - even after all these years. It's a hot zone, or a red zone, or whatever you want to call it.

    How about you? Have one of these zones? What is it? How do you deal with it?

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    I try to forgive myself and move on. Walk it off, write it down and forgive myself. It happens to me when I am cooking for a crowd here. I get caught up in conversation and keep eating. I have to do this once in a while so I plan for it mostly by forgiving myself and walking it off. 99% of the time I am OP.

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    Yes, I still have issues like this.

    Vacations, Thanksgiving, parties. I do the best I can, and then jump back OP as soon as possible. I think I was a lot stricter with myself while losing. Now that I'm at goal I tend to give myself a little more leeway. But I also know how to get it under control better than I did in the past. And my "out of control" moments are certainly nothing like they were in the past either.

    I still try to track, or at least write down what I've eaten. I may not always figure out the points, but at least I've owned up to what I consumed.

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    Peg, Luanne - I know what you mean.

    Birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Xmas, etc. - those are hard. My birthday is the worst because it's around Thanksgiving most years. So, we have T-giving with my parents - including cake, an actual birthday dinner with my wife and kids, and then my in-laws usually want to do something too. It always seems like I am looking at 3 cakes for everyone one of my birthdays.

    But, I just remind myself: I didn't get fat because I over-ate on my birthday or Thanksgiving in the past. I got fat because I ate like a pig on the 320-something other days a year that were not a holiday or a celebration. So, I can go a little over on the holidays as long as I am good all the rest of the time.

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