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    After all these years, I confess, when people ask me how I lost all "that weight" and have kept it off, I usually do not mention that it was WW.

    Instead, I tell them that I radically changed the way I ate. Out went the junk and in it's place were better food choices, lots of fruits and veggies, very little red meat, and using portion control (as opposed to eating massive amounts of food). I also share that I try and eat every three hours to stay full.

    Why not mention WW? It's because I am a guy. I suspect that people will look at me strange if I said that I used WW.

    That said, if someone tells me that they are on WW, then I will share with them that I am a lifetime member since January 2007 - and will talk to them about the program, etc. And, often, they are shocked to hear that I was on WW.

    I guess that reaction fuels, somewhat, why I don't openly advertise that I was on WW.

    Is this just a guy thing? Or, is it just me? Anyone else shy about disclosing that they are a WW member when asked about their weight loss?

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    I'm afraid folks will think I had stomach surgery so I do tell them right away. I say "every single pound was lost with WW and a support group online (BCB.) I think the fact that I changed my entire lifestyle fits in so well with the WW philosophy I'd rather advertise it.
    To be honest I lost my first 82 lbs online by myself with BCB for support. The rest I lost at meetings so I can really give myself much more credit than I give WW.

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    I know what you mean Peggy. I so badly want to pass the good word of WW and pay it forward.

    I'm usually not hung up on the "macho" thing. But, this one is so hard for me - for some reason. Unless someone brings up WW, I really don't like to disclose that I am a member. And, even then, sometimes I am shy about it.

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    My son lost 100 lbs along with me. He is also a Lifetime member. I was very surprised when someone asked him he said "I lost it all at WW with my mother." that was pretty good to hear. He works the program every day of his life too.
    We have plenty of male members who do really well. Employees too.

    She was warned.
    She was given an explanation.
    Nevertheless, She persisted.

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    My dh is a Lifetime member and very forthcoming about how he lost the weight. He even put it in our Christmas letter last year.

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    Peg, Luanne - thanks.
    I don't know why I have such a hang up on this?

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    Super~Hey, Charles Barkley is on WW. I guess I don't tell everyone that I am on WW. When acquaintances asks me what I have doing, I just say eating right and exercising. If they really want to know what my secret is, I tell them WW. Doesn't bother me at all. WW is about eating right and exercising.
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    Trudie - I know about Barkley. Ron Darling, the former pitcher, was promoting a while back too.
    This is the one thing that WW is lousy at - working the male audience. And, this is funny, considering that their CEO is a guy (OP).
    I stopped getting WW magazine for this reason. There was nothing in there for me. I might as well been reading Woman's Day.
    I understand that the program started with women. But, after all these years, WW could make the experience, outside of being OP, more guy friendly.
    And, it has to go beyond getting a male spokesperson.

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    When I'm asked "What is my secret"?, I generally say what people do not want to hear. I tell them I exercise regularly, and make healthy food choices. Very much along the line of SuperBowl's response.

    When asked further, I do admit that Weight Watcher's provided me with the tools, but it was up to me to use them properly. I do not count points, but eat CORE/Simply Filling foods. Do I eat non-CORE foods ?? Of course. I just do so in moderation.

    Re: SuperBowl's comment re: WW magazine, I have to agree. I do not read it, as I see far superior magazines where their focus is on "eating cleanly" and health promotion. I could care less about what the latest colour trends are in fashions/decorating for the coming season


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