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Thread: Secrets of Successful Maintainers

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    Default Secrets of Successful Maintainers

    OK I saw this new section and felt I am not a good enough maintainer to post here. I wonder how many of us may be feeling the same thing?

    I do work pretty hard at it. I am a WW receptionist (no desire to be a leader) and speak all day long to members about working hard at it.

    I am aware of everything I put into my mouth. I know what is in the pantry that calls to me. I can avoid that stuff.

    I am about six lbs above my goal. My goal is the very top of my range and I sort of wish my leader way back then had encouraged me to lose at least 5 more lbs. It may have been easier then when I was losing easily. I really think she wanted to get the statistic of me making LT way more than wanting to see me have an easier time of maintenance. That's another story altogether though.

    Now I sit here with a stress fracture in my foot. Two weeks ago I saw the orthopod for knee pain and he said cut back on the walking. OMG Walking is what I do? I do ride my stationary bike but the weight bearing of the walking really is what I need.

    Now I stretched lightly in bed on Thursday and felt and heard a bone in my foot SNAP. Not pretty. I will see the orthopod again this week and get this diagnosed and maybe immobilized but NOW what do I do?

    No floor exercises, no pool available to me. I am sunk. SO MY OP had better Be AMAZING this week until I get this sorted out. And it will be.

    Now I refer you to the article below The 5 Secrets of the 5%. I find it extremely valuable to read and re read. This is how I try to stay at goal and it's worked since 2009. Not too long. I have lost a ton of weight all with WW an am endeavoring to keep it off in the healthiest way possible with a bit of intelligence thrown in.

    Hope people see this and respond. I was struggling with a title and hope this gets the maintainers started.

    She was warned.
    She was given an explanation.
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    Default Re: Secrets of Successful Maintainers

    I guess what I meant to say is WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS? DO YOU HAVE ANY GOOD ADVICE FOR THOSE OF US WHO MAY BE STRUGGLING AT MAINTENANCE? Temporarily or permanently? No judgment please. This is a life long journey and we all have ups and downs.


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    I tell people in meetings all the time - making lifetime is not a finish line, it's a starting line. You don't stop being OP at lifetime. You're always OP. I do the same things now that I did when I was trying to lose. I go to meetings. I weigh in each week. I track everyday. I make good food choices. I use portion control. And, I exercise. If you do that, you will maintain. If not, you will not.

    Is it hard? I found it a lot harder to be fat. I'd rather do "this" hard and be healthy and fit.

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    Default Re: Secrets of Successful Maintainers

    Thanks for posting the link. I agree that keeping the weight off is very elusive. I identified most with #5. I've "failed" many times since I first reached my goal weight in 1995. I was in my early 20's and picked a very low goal weight. Needless to say I didn't stay at goal for long. I've gone through shame about regaining weight and tried lots of other weight loss diets and programs. I always end up back at WW. Over the years I've learned to be kinder to myself about gaining a little weight. What used to be shame about regaining weight has been replaced with pride. It's not easy to stick to anything for all these years and I am proud of myself for my stick-to-it-ness. For me, never giving up has been my biggest key to success.

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    Default Re: Secrets of Successful Maintainers

    I've been at goal and kept the weight off for almost 10 years (this time around). I really don't have any secrets. This time I didn't do anything while losing that I wasn't willing to do to keep the weight off. The changes I made I incorporated into my life. Does that mean I don't still struggle or have lapses? No. But what I have been able to do is when I do have a lapse (but instead of a lapse I choose to call it a choice I've made) I will get right back on program.

    At this point in time I like to say that I don't know how not to do the program any longer. I still attend meetings (and I also work very part-time as a WWer receptionist), plan, track, all of those things I did while losing. If I want to be successful and continue to keep the weight off I know that I need to do these things. I don't feel they are a burden and don't resent doing them. Every once in awhile I get the feeling of "why can't I eat whatever I want" and realize I could, but I probably wouldn't like the results. I'm also finding there are foods I've given up, or cut way back on, that I really don't miss.

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    Default Re: Secrets of Successful Maintainers

    I also belong to the National Weight Loss Registry and they send out a list of what successful maintainers do to stay at goal. It's very similar to the 5% list I put up there earlier.
    All eye opening if you ask me. And very interesting to be part of a group of people dedicated to staying at goal and passing it on.
    I wish it were easier for me to keep it off and I think the fact that I lost SO much makes it even harder for me to keep it off.
    I recently read an article I cannot quote or cite that says all our bodies want to do is put the weight back on. It's a constant battle. It was in the NY Times magazine a few weeks ago.
    No matter what the research says I just follow the path set up for me by WW and know I'm here for life.
    I work about 13 meetings a week so really no time to attend for myself but I do go in at least once a month to attend.

    She was warned.
    She was given an explanation.
    Nevertheless, She persisted.

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    Default Re: Secrets of Successful Maintainers

    I have been a lifer for 9yrs next month. When i finally got that I needed a lifestyle change, I made one and almost nine yrs later it's not just a lifestyle change anymore, it's my life. I am still very passionate about WW. No it's not always easy but it is so worth it. And when they say " nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" it is absolutley the truth. Glad to see this forum.
    Positive thinking gets positive results!!!!!!!

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    Made lifetime in 2003 and have maintained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dot.t09 View Post
    When i finally got that I needed a lifestyle change, I made one... it's not just a lifestyle change anymore, it's my life. I am still very passionate about WW. No it's not always easy but it is so worth it.
    This, it's who I am.
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    Default Re: Secrets of Successful Maintainers

    Re: Secrets to Successfully Maintaining.........

    My biggest secret to "maintaining", and I use that term loosely is that I weigh myself every Sunday, irregardless if it's been a "good week or a bad week".

    Our bodies are always in a state of flux. Our weight will NEVER be exactly the same from week to week. It is the degree to which we allow that state of flux, which determines if and when we get our act together and get back to it. I have a "line in the sand" number........and once I get near that number.........I know it's time to slam the brakes on my eating.

    My second secret of success........Everything I wear has to have a "waistband". No elastic waistbands are allowed on my pants, unless I'm working out in the gym !!!!


    STGoal #1: 200 lbs

    Losses to date: 8.3 lbs

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    I am happy to say that I just made goal in August 2014. However, I am finding that I really cannot eat like I did before I joined weight watchers, and sometimes that is hard. I do so enjoy being at my goal weight though. It feels wonderful.

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