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Thread: Attention All BCB Members!

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    Jason - how are the changes that you made two weeks ago (thereabouts) working out? Anything else new coming soon? More changes?

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    Boy. where have I been all month. Just now read this thread. I only post on two other threads. Jason I just wanted to let you know without this site I would never have quit smoking. Have been on Kick **** thread for over eleven years now. Started my quit with some good buddies. I hope I have helped others to quit somewhere along the line. Oh, I might add, I haven't gained weight. It can be done. Hope Denise pops in to say hi from time to time.

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    Welcome Jason!

    BCB helped me tremendously on my first WW journey in 2006. I am back now to lose the last bit of stubborn baby weight, and I hope that we can bring it back to where it once was!

    One suggestion: I like it MUCH better when forums and threads with new content are a completely different color than the ones that I have already read. I find with the current setup it is easy to skip forums that aren't regularly posted in because I don't realize there is something new there!

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    Hey everyone! Just a quick update, and another thank you to you all for your feedback regarding the support that you've received from this site. It is heartening to hear and I hope to continue the long legacy that is being created at BCB.

    As far changes made, so far so good! Changes will all, or mostly be posted in the Change Log - which has been added to the forum home page. I have made note of all of the suggested future changes to the forum, though it may be some time before you see some of them take place. We are working on funding of a current license for the forum as most add-ons require it. There are quite a few updates that will be implemented in the next upcoming months after a license is obtained. Rather than post them here, I will include them in the Future Site Development thread.

    Feel free to post to the Change Request thread, message me here on the forum, or email me directly at if you have any advice, requests, gripes, or other feedback. All is appreciated!

    Have a great weekend!

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    Welcome Jason. My story same here - been a while since I looked around here (have the day off). I guess I don't seem to have too much trouble with folks viewing things and not posting - seems like a tribute that they are even on the site and reading the good nuggets of wisdom that are posted.
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    WW lifetime membership: Jan 11, 2007

    Current WT: 179.2 (5/5/2012)

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    Welcome Jason!~ I am willing to help~ let me know!
    Weight watchers is a tool its up to me how I use it!

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