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Thread: To Eat or Not Eat WPA?

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    Last time I was on the Flex plan (which I am resuming now), I ate my daily points allowance each day during the week, and then had my WPA availalbe for the weekend. In particular, I like having the WPA on Sundays when we get together with extended family to go out for brunch or dinner. We take turns choosing where we're going, so I never know where we'll be eating, other than for when it's my turn to choose. I like the freedom of ordering what I want, within reason, and not worrying about the points. I don't use ALL the WPA on the weekend, but having it availalbe enables me to have more choices.

    I've been dealing with illness the last few weeks, so I haven't gone out to eat and have just been eating DPA. I've been recording my food in a program that tracks the NI for each meal and provides totals for each day. I find that, using the DPA only, I'm not even reaching 1,000 calories a day. I have 19 points (on the Flex Points program, not Points Plus) at this point. So now I'm concenred about my food intake being consistently below 1,000 calories.

    These factors have led me to begin the Wendie Plan, to help me distribute the points in such a way that I'm using the WPA through the week, with some low point days, some higher point days, and one super high day. The allotment I'm trying to work wtih is:

    Monday 19
    Tuesday 25
    Wednesday 19
    Thursday 19
    Friday 25
    Saturday 19
    Sunday 34 (maximum allowed, doubtful I'd use all of them)

    I started this last Sunday, and I'm still working out how to manage this. For some reason, I've had trouble with ending up below points and having to drink a glass or two of milk just to get in the points. So I was determined to prove I could do it, so I actually managed to consume 33 points Sunday---only because I made my family oven pancakes for dinner that night, after they had gone out for lunch earlier in the day. I'm not going to do that again.

    So, I weighed in Friday and, much to my relief, I didn't gain anything; but I didnt lose anything either. As long as I don't start gaining weight, I'm going to give it a couple more weeks to see how it seems to work for me.

    Does anyone have experience with the Wendie plan to share? Any helpful hints? Anything to watch out for? Does this even seem like a good idea?

    I do better with structure, but I need to work a little harder to be consistent in using the points allotted for each day. On Monday, I hit the target exactly, at 19 points; On Tuesday I used 23-1/2 out of 25; on Wednesday I was 3 under, using only 16 points out of 19; Thursday I once again hit the target of 19; Today I hit my DPA of 19 but I was supposed to include some WPA and plan on using 25. So I'm thinking I should try to add 6 WPA to the 19 DPA set for tomorrow. Does that make sense?

    Sorry this is so long---just trying to give a complete picture. Appreciate any input.
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    Sounds to me like you're working the Wendie plan just fine. I'm thinking that maybe you've hit that plateau because you were feeling poorly before. Give your body a chance to recoup its strength, and I'll bet you'll soon be losing again.
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    I guess I'm concerned because I'm now using more points per week than I did four years ago when I was heavier and younger. (I'm now sixty--yikes!) Four years ago, while I was on WW four years ago, I never hit a plateau. I sometimes only lost one pound, but I always had a loss each week. I stopped WW suddenly due to a personal trauma, but the weight I lost then mostly stayed off---I would go up and down, as I wasn't careful about weighing myself or really thinking about weight much at all, until my jeans felt a little tight or something like that. Then I'd weigh myself and watch what I ate for a while and go back down.

    Anyway, my concern is that maybe I am someone who only gets to eat daily points, with a modest increase on the weekends. Maybe trying out the Wendie plan is a waste of time.

    I know there is another component missing from my weight loss plan---exercise. Although I am very busy---with a multiply handicapped child who needs care/supervision 24/7, elderly parents who need my help, and a busy work-at-home schedule---I'm not really all that active. I sit at a computer to work, drive family members to and from doctors, sit at the bedside at the hospital, etc. I do plan to incorporate exercise in the near future, when I'm feeling a bit better. I believe it's important to integrate one habit firmly into my life (good food choices) before adding another (exercise), so I'm working on the food portion now and plan to add exercise in the near future.

    I should probably post this on the exercise forum, but does anyone have any particular recommendations for good exercise DVD to be used at home by someone sixty years old with a sedentary lifestyle? I'm interested both in low-impact cardio and some weight training for strength.
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    Super Bowl, Your method makes sense. When I was on WW before, I stayed OP, using only my DPA through the week. Then on the weekend I still tried to eat basically OP, but if I varied at all I had the extra points as a buffer (which I did count). I allowed myself to dip into the WPA on Sunday, when we meet extended family for a meal at a restaurant. I rarely know what restaurant it will be, so I had those extra WPA to use then. My reason for concern and trying something different now is that, when tracking food online, I realized I am getting well below 1000 calories most days. Do you think that is a concern?

    Some say that eating too restricted of a diet while losing weight can lead to troubles when maintaining, as your body will adjust and you will need to continue with the very restricted diet just to maintain. That's why I decided to give the Wendie a trial. I've completed the first week and, unless someone persuades me it's not a good idea, I plan to continue for two more weeks and then assess how it has worked out. Any thoughts?
    SW-183 GW-143
    161 - 03/23/12 -- 8 (22 lbs to date)
    151 - 05/25/12 --10 (31 lbs to date)

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