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Thread: Your Strange WW Habit

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    I like to break up any "snacky" foods into sandwich bags. Things like chips, crackers, rice cakes, almonds, etc. I make them into 2-4 pt bags. That way when I feel the need for something like that, I don't have to worry that I will overdo it.
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    I'm a former Lifetimer returning to the WW Program effective today. I actually used this board exclusively to reach Lifetime. I joined it from the Three Fat Chicks site when BCB broke off from there in 2000. I've now gained most of the weight back, but I'm determined to lower the number on the scale again. Pictures tell the story, so I actually don't need a scale. I'll do my weigh in later this morning. For me, when I started WW the first time, the key was in knowing myself. I, too, cut out all eating in the car. I made a rule to give up all fast food restaurants. And I always have one of those big mugs filled with ice and water or unsweetened tea with me, to ensure I get my water. I also wrote every smidgen I put in my mouth in my journal. After a series of family tragedies, I just had to get rid of some of the stressors in my life to survive the grief, and writing every bite and lick down was one of those stressors for me. However, I have now regained most of the weight and I do believe I am at the point where the way to be kind to myself is to get back with the journaling and everything else associated with WW. I'm back in for the long haul, so hopefully the New Year will bring some activity back to the board.
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    I eat bananas in the middle of the night if I wake up with the thungries or an acidic feeling stomach. I set them out each night so I'm not tempted to go downstairs. Where the fridge is.

    I often end up eating two bananas by morning. On a bad night, it's three.

    I hate three banana nights.

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