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    I'm trying to figure out the points on a recipe and I've hit a snag. The issue is with sugar and sugar substitutes (Splenda). My P+ Food Companion has 1 Tbsp. Sugar at 1 pt., but a cup is 22 pts. There are 16 Tbsp in a cup. I'm guessing the discrepancy is because the 1 pt. is actually 1.4 or something, therefore rounded down. Does anyone know if the 22 pts. per cup is actually correct?

    The second question on sugar substitute. The Splenda NI says 0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 protein, in fact 0 calories. The food guide gives sugar substitute 23 pts. for 1 cup (packed, although I don't know how one packs Splenda) and 1 pt. for 1 Tbsp, pack or unpacked. Does this sound correct?

    If those figures are correct--i.e. 22 pts. per cup of sugar and 23 pts. per cup of sugar substitute, is there any advantage at all to using the sugar substitute? It's more expensive, and it isn't "natural." Certainly the calories are hugely different (judging from the difference between regular pop and SF pop).

    I just don't want to keep going for the Sugar-Free options if there aren't specific health benefits to it over sugar.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
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    According to the WW online calculator 1c Splenda is 9 PP, 1 c Splenda sugar BLEND (regular or brown sugar) is 21 PP and good ol' table sugar is 22 PP per cup. If you're using the blend, then it's almost the same as sugar (and, personally, I'd use the sugar, I dislike Splenda)
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    At some point, before I decided I really didn't want to do the "new program" (P+), I took the ~7 pages of corrections to the Complete Food Companion and started to make corrections in the book. In looking in the book now, I completely crossed out that citation for the 23 points for sugar substitute. Now I don't know why I didn't put a 0 there, or why I didn't put a diamond there, but I know that I wouldn't have just crossed it out on my own. This may not help you, but there it is. I think I threw out the list of corrections, but someone may have them. A large part of my decision not to do P+ was due to the fact that they rolled out the program books before they had been adequately proofread... (BTW, I follow the former "Core" program - just so you know where I'm coming from.)
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    I have my handy dandy 2012 Complete Food Companion here and it says 1 tsp of sugar substitute is zero points. I know the first Points+ book had a LOT of errors in it. I haven't heard anything about the 2012 book yet.

    Hope the helps.
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