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Thread: help I'm confused on daily points

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    Hi all I joined ww a few months ago and they told me I got 29 per day and that that is the lowest daily amount anyone gets, I just joined online today and its telling me 26, did they change it?

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    Yes they changed it, the lowest anyone gets now is 26. Apparently some people were gaining weight or plateauing at 29 points.

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    The minimum daily points target was lowered to 26 in December with the introduction of PointsPlus 2012. The reason was that when PointsPlus was introduced 29 was (conservatively) set as the minimum in order for people to get the proper nutrition. It was discovered that with the use of the 0 point fruits and vegetables people were able to get properly nourished with less. However, the daily points target is also now more flexible. If you were losing well on 29 points, you can stay at that amount, you don't have to lower it.

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    Oh my goodness. Things have changed since I have been with ww's. I was on lifetime and life changes gained some back, I re-married and for personal reasons my husband has gained quite a bit of weight. I have been thinking of both of us going to ww's to give me the boost and to teach him serving sizes and learn how to eat. Better for him to hear it from someone else,eh.


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