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    I replaced my 4% cottage cheese with 2%. I thought it was a good move until I got the 2% home and discovered that when I ran the new stuff through the calculator, it had twice the points of the 4% (again, according to the calculator). Is that possible? I'm thinking the calculator may be defective -- which might explain why I've done nothing but gain since I started WW.

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    What's the Protein, Fiber and Fat content of each one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Bowl XLI View Post
    What's the Protein, Fiber and Fat content of each one?
    The 2% is Fat 2G Fiber 0 Protein 14G Carb 5G. Unfortunately I bought it to replace the 4% which I'd run out of, so I don't have the 4% container anymore to look at the counts. When I plugged the 4% in originally it said it had one point per half cup serving. When I plugged in the 2% it said it had 2 points per half cup serving. Maybe they add something to the 2% to thicken it up or for flavor?

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    I checked the ni on I think you figured your 4% cottage cheese wrong the first time.

    These are the values I got:

    4%, for a 4 oz serving, 120 calories
    fat - 3
    carbs - 6
    fiber - 0
    protein - 12
    points plus - 3

    2%, for a 4 oz serving, 102 calories
    fat - 2.1
    carbs - 4.1
    fiber - 0
    protein - 15.5
    points plus - 2

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    Thanks! I'm not hugely confident in the calculator I'm using. I put in the values for the 4% from the package on several occasions, because I didn't trust myself to remember it correctly, and it always added up the same. I suppose it's possible the packaging didn't give the correct values. But I plan on sticking with lower cal one anyway. Honestly, I'm not really willing to give WW much more than another week anyhow-- I can't afford the weight gain it's causing!

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    WW will work like a charm for you once you get more familiar with figuring out the point values in your foods. We humans don't eat such a varied diet anyway so once you have a few foods figured out you'll be fine. One point here and there is not going to make you gain weight. It's the consistency of the changes you are making that does the job. Keep an eye on your serving sizes, that's where many of us slack off even in the beginning.
    Keep on tracking also that's the big answer.
    Good luck and check in often.

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