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    I joined WW on line and I got my daily points target of 29. The part that I don't understand is where it says I have a weekly points allowance of 49? Does that mean 49 points a week on top of the 29 a day??? That seems like way too much.
    I hope someone can clear this up for me.
    Thanks a bunch!

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    Yes, that's 49 points to use, through the week, in addition to the 29 that you get each day. You could use 7 of these each day, over the week, or you could use 49 of them in one day, in addition to your 29. But, I really don't suggest the latter - you might not feel well eating 78 points in one day!

    Personally, I only use about 1 to 16 points of my 49 each week. Most times. That works for me. But, everyone needs to find the right balance for themselves.

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