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    Question Pickles?

    I just rediscovered my love for eating pickles. I know they are zero PP but due to the salt should I limit my intake? I usually eat 3 pickles twice a day. Oh so yummy.. Should I be eating far less per day? I don't want to gain weight.. Will the salt in them pack on the pounds? Anyone have experience with eating too many pickles?

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    If you can eat 6 pickles a day and still stay around 1500 mcg sodium for the whole day, go for it. I doubt it could be done. That much salt is not good for anybody.
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    My personal opinion, please don't blast me, is that the pickles (sodium) aren't as bad for you as the weight is. I like my salt a little (okay a lot) too much. But I know that being 210 pounds overweight was killing me. I'll work on my salt issue (and eating more & more healthy in all areas), but getting the weight off is most important. My eating overall has changed drastically in the last couple of years, one step at a time.
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    Love to use dill pickle (spears) too! Especially if my stomach is growling before bedtime !!!! They taste soooo good, and are such a strong flavor that it kills the urge to snack!! Love em (but I'm talking more like 2 MAYBE 3 spears, and not every day). I tend to agree with the "tackle one hurdle at a time" philosophy. Maybe shoot for 4 a day??

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    Well the good thing is I haven't developed a habit of eating pickles every day. It's only been about a week that I've been eating pickles out of the jar. So that's good. I haven't even had any yet today. I do only have 2 pickles left. So I figure I'll snack on them later if I really want them.

    Yes I need to get this weight off, and that's my first priority. That's even a higher priority than my diabetes right now. My diabetes was caught early and it's not that bad yet.. So losing weight is my top priority, not counting carbs. Not that this has anything to do with pickles. lol I need to stop weighing myself daily and try to stick to once a week. I chose fridays to be my weigh-in day. So I hope I can start losing weight since I'm trying to stay on plan.

    Am I supposed to eat all of my points in a day? I know I lose them if I don't eat them but is it necessary that I eat till I reach my limit? I went one day with 7 points remaining. I just wasn't that hungry. But then again I have 54 points to eat in a day so I did eat a lot that day as it was.

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