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Thread: Accountability Week of April 4th - 10th.

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    Red face Accountability Week of April 4th - 10th.

    Hope you guys don't mind me being accountable on here;
    I just need the extra step to get back on things here.

    TARGET 30 - Today's WI is 189.2lbs (highest I've been in 2 years).
    0 WAPs used - 0 APs earned

    Breakfast: Smoothie with Mango/Strawberries and Rice Milk (4)
    Snack: Apple and tea
    Lunch: Sticky Rice(5) with Tofu(4) and Veggies with chili lime sauce(1) and oil (3) 17/30
    Snack: Apple
    Dinner: Same as lunch (13 pts total) 30/30
    Went out for dessert vegan ice cream and cookie (18 WAPs used)
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    Hi Chellybats!

    Your plan looks good to me, especially your kunch, yum! Are you counting points AND doing SFT or only points?

    I have just started again and I'm doing SFT, I do wonder how it would look were I to count the points as well, whether I would be under more or less on target.

    I am not sure if I will be posting my daily eating plans, so far I am doing well without a strict plan and I don't want to start obsessiog too much so I'll see how that goes.

    I think what I may try to do, accountability wise, is just post everyday and share any insights and difficulties or ask any questions I may have. How does that sound?

    Things I have noticed this past week:

    - I have had the feeling of an empty stomach for the first time in a long long time! It seems interesting to me that I can have an empty stomach and not be hungry.

    - I'm trying to re-learn to identify when I am hungry versus just wanting to eat. Sometimes I truly don't know if I am hungry for real or not! (anyone have any tips?)

    - I am trying to be active every day, even if it is just going for a short walk. I am noticing that the more I get out and walk the more I want to do it- it feels good to be outside!

    - One more thing! I have been salivating A LOT! What is that about?! I wonder if it is my body trying to get me to keep eating as much as I was before.

    - I'm making a point to have some protein with every meal- helps me stay satiated.

    this is it for now!
    New SW 199 (March 30, 2011)

    First goal 5%- 189

    ~2nd Weigh-in~ I'm down 3.8 lb!!
    ~3rd Weigh-in~ Down .2 Whyyyy!!??

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    Default Re: Accountability Week of April 4th - 10th.

    Hey mysticpi!
    I eat a lot of whole foods, but I'm still in a place where I need to count points because some of the new thing sin SiFi are triggers for me, like the light bread and cold cereal no longer being limited to once a day.

    And trust me, you don't need to post your plans - it seems like you know what you need to do to be on the right track.
    I personally just need to write down exactly what I'm eating so I can make sure I see why the scale has been going up

    I'd love to get active, it's my biggest problem right now because of the lousy weather!

    The salivation can just be a change in what you're eating. When I cut sugars/salts I find I'm more hungry until my stomach 'adjusts' itself

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    Hi Chellybats!
    How was your day?

    Today I found I was super super hungry, real hungry. I was out and about and had brought food with me but it was not enough! I'll have to make sure I bring extra food with me when I'm out for several hours, especially food that has protein and some fat, that is the key, I think. I have to go investigate how many points larabars have.

    New SW 199 (March 30, 2011)

    First goal 5%- 189

    ~2nd Weigh-in~ I'm down 3.8 lb!!
    ~3rd Weigh-in~ Down .2 Whyyyy!!??

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