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Thread: Monday WI March 7

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    Default Monday WI March 7

    Up a lot, 3.4 pounds, so I am going to re- weigh in a day or two and re -post as todays weight has to be an outlier

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    Default Re: Monday WI March 7

    Sorry about the gain Soda!

    I'm down 1lb this week for a total of 8lbs in 5 weeks.

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    Default Re: Monday WI March 7

    Soda - Sorry about the gain.

    Kimberley - That is great loss. Keep after it.

    I am up 0.6 pound but not too bummed about it as I had over a 6 pound loss last week. So I will just continue on and see what next week brings. That is a total of only 10 pounds since the beginning of the year, but I won't complain.
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