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    Can someone explain something to me please...where do you all find 93% extra lean ground beef?? Every grocer/butcher I have been to has a minimum of 15% fat and they say to get 7% fat is almost impossible. The 15% fat I found was ground beef sirloin. This is what the nutiritional value of the package I misunderstanding???

    As well is original Fiber One cereal still a Power food? If yes how can that be since the ingredients name sugar or some form of it in the list?


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    Fiber one cereal is marked a power food in Find and Explore on the WW site. I can't say why. It just is.

    I find 93% lean ground beef many places. I believe Aldi sells it, BJ's, lots of grocery stores. Not sure why you can't find it. It seems pretty common (though pricey).

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    I am in Canada, and rarely eat beef, but there is a grade called extra lean ground beef at most groceries stores. I think it says 95% lean. More expensive though, as the poster above noted.

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    I live in Canada as well and I can;t seem to find it. Do you know where you have seen it as I have most recently been to Sobey's and the leanest was 15% fat

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    another canuck!

    It was at a loblaws super store - I asked at the butcher counter - this was a few years ago - I don't eat commerical ground beef anymore.

    Good luck!

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    I think that there is a differential between grocery stores and farm beef in terms of cut. Things aren't as controlled when you're dealing with No Frills bringing in their stuff in slabs, versus the local farmers taking their meat to a local butcher. I find that the price for extra-lean ground beef is similar from deli to supermarket to farmer's market. You can often get a deal buying it in bulk-- have the butcher put it in 1lb bags and you can freeze it!

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    I met a man who worked in a beef processing plant and his job was to make ground beef. After listening to his description I could not eat commercial beef again.

    Because we live at the edge of a rural area we have access to several local organic beef producers and switched to buying beef from a small family run farm. As a family we ate 30 pounds a year so we were never big beef eaters anyhow. Now that I am more or less vegetarian, and am the grocery buyer, I do not buy it anymore. DH will order a steak now and then if he eats out.

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    I'm in the USA, and I buy the extra lean at Wal-Mart. Prior to that I was buying bison at a local store, but when the price went up, I started looking around and found the 93% at Wal Mart.
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