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Thread: Different Pointsplus values for the same thing??

  1. Exclamation Different Pointsplus values for the same thing??

    I've noticed some items will have 2 different points plus values even though they are the same. Like this morning, Dannon Light & Fit Nonfat vanilla yogurt 8oz...when I calculate the points on the calculator it says 3pts for when I search for it it says 2pts for the exact same thing and amount. I've noticed this on several other things as well.

    So am I to assume I use the nutritional label on the food if available instead on the database?


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    Iam having the same problem with the jello instant pudding...ff sf made from ff skim milk the book says 4 points for 1 cup and the caluculator says for a half cup should be only 1 right.......please help i must be calculating wrong

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    When you have the ni from the label, that is what you should go by. The reasons the points plus can be different is:

    • the item in the WWers database is a generic
    • the company has changed their formula (and ni) and the WWers database hasn't been updated yet

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