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    When you eat 0 point fruits and veggies do you still write them down? I haven't been because it seems silly to write something down that doesn't count against your daily points. If I should be journaling then I will. Thanks!

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    I write down everything that I eat/drink. For one thing those fruits/veggies count towards the Good Health Guidelines, so you want to be sure to account for them. Also, if I have a bad (or good) week I can go back and see exactly what I had.

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    I agree with Luanne. Write everything down. I try to write down my veggies and fruits so that I can see what I've done in the past on the good weeks and what might not be doing on the not-so-good weeks. Also, if I'm on fruit #10 for the day, I will certainly notice that I'm going a bit overboard if I'm writing it all down.

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    Thank for your help! I will certainly start writing those things down.

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