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Thread: Tuesday Feb 15 SFT

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    Default Tuesday Feb 15 SFT

    Work today and DD is starting a 1 week vegan experiment. Interested to see what she does. She relies on yogurt and cheese a lot.

    Bringing some pineapple as a treat for the first meeting and then I think it is just one meeting after another until 3. So that's my day. Not so exciting, huh?

    DS likes a girl at school already and bought her, with his own money, a bear, candy and a card for Valentine's Day. He told DD he "amours" her. Not so sure what I think about this - he is only 11. The only other parent I know at his new school said this girl is not well supervised and it has been an issue for her son too who wanted to hang out after school with the girl and not come home right away.

    Off to make lunches - have a wonderful day and eat well.

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    Default Re: Tuesday Feb 15 SFT

    Good Morning!

    Claire went off on the bus this morning ready to give her Speech Club speech to the class. This one was in French and on the Aurora Borealis (Aurore Boreale). She will be competing against kids who've been in the Immersion program since kindergarten. It would have been way too easy to be way too intimidated to go up against kids who've been doing this for 8 years when you've only been doing it for 6 months but she's going for it!! I hope they evaluate on a curve. We tried to help her out with grammar, sentence structure and form a bit to level the playing field but her pronunciation won't be anywhere near as good. I think I've drilled into her that she has to speak as SLOWLY as she possibly can or else it will be too easy to misinterpret what she's saying. French seems to be one of those languages where if you mispronounce a word at all, you've said an entirely different word. For example, "gare" is train station and "guerre" is war. They're close enough that if you don't get it right, you could really confuse someone. Like when Jeff was in Montreal and asked the cabby to take him to the war! LOL

    Doing well OP here. Jeff & I went on an impromptu V-Day date to sushi. I ate until I was stuffed. We went over to my mom's to help my dad with a computer problem and to install the WW app onto their computer and my mom's iTouch. I brought our chicken risotto and sauerkraut soup. The kids ate leftover chicken stir fry!! *rolleyes* I ate until I was full again. And wound up a couple of points under my Target at the end of the day. Let's hope the rest of the week is this "easy"!! I still deal with those moments of *panic* where I'm hungry and my first instinct is to go binge. But I'm getting better at just planning out a normal meal or snack and telling myself that I can always have another serving if I *need* it. No one ever NEEDS to binge so, thus far, it's been working!!

    I'd hoped to get out and do some walking but we had a flash freeze overnight and it hasn't melted yet. We should be dealing with massive puddles around here by the end of the week so I'll put on my galoshes and go for some extra long walks to make up for it!!

    I'm not sure what's going to happen at Claire's BB game this afternoon. It should be interesting. Coach told her that he wasn't going to play her since the play-offs start on Thursday and he doesn't want to risk her reinjuring her ankle. I need to take her to buy a new pair of basketball court shoes (to protect her ankle) so I told her to come home on the bus. I'm pretty sure they'll have to forfeit because there's only been 3 of us coming to drive all season long and they've needed all 6 extra seats in my car every time. And, I usually drive 2-3 extra girls home after the games. I don't know what their parents think these girls are going to do if I can't drive them. I find it very rude because none of them have ever phoned and asked me to bring their daughters home. The girls just walk up to me and assume I'll take them. That's not happening tonight!! And I don't feel guilty about that either because I couldn't get even ONE of them to take Claire to the tournament this weekend-- even when I called them directly and asked them to take Claire. So much for karma!!

    Anyway, Lucas has BB practice after school and I have to do carpool since my neighbour has been covering for me while I take the girls to BB games. Then, the boys have a practice bowling session with their teams as there are some upcoming tournaments this month. Then, Jeff & the boys have Cubs. It's going to be a quick turnover tonight. I may just buy them hot dogs and pop at Costco and have something ready for myself to heat up. I'll have to make a plan this afternoon so I can ACT instead of REACT tonight.

    Donna- I'm sorry your V-Day efforts were for naught but it sounds like you're set for the next few days!!

    Soda- I'd be worried about that hussy as well. Stay away from my baby boy!! Good Luck to DD. I actually haven't been having much cheese at all lately. It costs so many points with Points Plus. I guess I just needed to get back to counting points to be a vegan! LOL I'm still having meat sometimes so I don't know if I'll ever go full blown vegan again. But I can definitely be 90+% vegan and that's okay with me. I don't care about the 100% label!!

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    Default Re: Tuesday Feb 15 SFT

    Soda - Wow, I don't know how I'd feel about that as well. Have you spoken to him about it?
    Your DD might be impressed on how easy it can be to cut those things out of her diet, or at least eat less of it. I still to this day have cheese once a month.
    I tried the Daiya cheese and I nearly got sick just from the smell.

    Kim - you're so busy! i'm not sure how you can find any time for yourself in a day. I suppose I will find that out once I have kids huh? And -high fives- on being able to stick to the plan despite you thinking you're going to binge. I still have my triggers and trying to work through them.

    Today, I'm still swamped with my new job.
    One of my co-workers is leaving on top of that as well :\

    I'm also starring at a bag of lentils and I have NO idea what to do with them... what DO people do with these little guys?!

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    Default Re: Tuesday Feb 15 SFT

    groan - admin sent us all chocolates today and tons of treats at every meeting so all my WPA are gone and it is only Day 2.

    DS and I have been arguing about all the things he wants to do that the other kids in this school do - dances ( Grade 5 and 6!!), face book (Grade 5 and 6 !!?!!!) and dating (!!!!???).

    None of these are things I let DD do until older and the pressure was less 6 years ago, plus we home schooled her for part of the time so there was less exposure to mainstream issues like this.

    Michelle - lentils! So easy to cook. Red or Green? Red make a great dal. Green we cook about a cup in the slow cooker with about 6 cups water and some onion and celery and make a lentil soup.

    Kimberly - how did your DD's French presentation go? Are you bilingual? Michelle, are you?

    off to take DS to karate - got to keep him very busy if I am going to keep him on the straight and narrow!

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