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    Is there a difference between the "Filling Foods List" and the "Power Foods List"? and is there a difference between the US program and the Canadian one?
    this new program is very confusing to me.

    I have a 2 page list of foods for the Filling Foods List which does not show any bread or condiments but gives explicit cuts of meat that are allowed. The Power Foods list I got at the meeting (Ontario, Canada) is one page and has a list called Misc which includes breads and condiments but very generalized comments on meats !!!

    Please help !!!

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    There were changes/updates to the program when PointsPlus was introduced. That one page sheet is probably just the changes-- they've removed certain fish and cuts of meat from the Power/Filling foods list. They've added reduced calorie bread to Power Foods. The potato, pasta *or* rice once a day has been changed as well. All sugar-free cereals with 4gr of fibre per serving are Power Foods as well. Um, I think they removed SF FF hot chocolate as as Power Food. Not sure about the jellos and puddings since I don't use any of the sugar free stuff.

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