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    So I came across a problem I haven't had before. I'm using a marinade to make steak's for tonight's dinner and I'm not sure how to count it. The nutrition info is here: but I don't know how many points to count because I'm not actually using the marinade other than soaking the meat in it. How can I figure out how many points to add for marinade when the majority of it I will be pouring out....

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    What I do with marinade is, unless there is a lot of oil, sugar, or something else that might add points to it, I don't count it.

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    Yeah this one is Speidie's sauce and it does have quite a bit of oil. I tried measuring it before and after but the difference in volume is negligible....

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    This is a tricky question..

    Any my reply does not answer the question at all (haha, sorry), but I love to use fat free Italian dressing to marinate meat. It's so delicious...MINIMAL points...and it works for so many different things!

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