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Thread: SFT Weekend edition Feb 12/13

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    Default SFT Weekend edition Feb 12/13

    Hi folks,
    Back in town and proud to say I did ok on my little vacation.

    Had my normal breakfast here and packed some apples and ff cheese which I ate on arrival as lunch was later than usual. The restaurant had two side dishes which were perfect, cooked lentils with pickled carrot strips, very tasty, and a winter salad that had no dressing. My friend made soup for dinner. At a party in the evening I ate fruit and estimateed 8 WPA's on a small 1" square dessert and a few bites of the celebration cake.

    Breakfast was a 6 a.m. bowl of cereal and milk as they slept in and I did not want to root around their kitchen too much. The train ride home was sans food service so I arrived after lunch, famished, and scarfed a bowl of lentil soup, apple, lite bread and soy milk.

    Listened to podcasts on the way home home with Dr Pam Popper and Dr. Esseltyne on plant based eating.

    DS has a friend over for the day (and night) and DD is working and DH probably needs a break from child duty as he is not used to it : )

    How is the weekend at your house going?

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    Default Re: SFT Weekend edition Feb 12/13

    Claire had a BB tournament last night and this morning. Lucas & Nathan had bowling this morning, plus practice for their tournaments tomorrow more after their regular play. Quick trip home for lunch and then Lucas was off for his competitive soccer try-outs. Claire brought a teammate home with her to spend the night. I think I'm driving a car full of girls to the mall in a few minutes. Dinner is at my parents' and then we'll stick around and watch a movie.

    Yesterday was oatmeal w/soy milk & banana for breakfast. Lunch was quinoa and tofu w/thai sauce. Dinner was chicken nuggets and fries. I had some oranges and veggies for snack. Evening snack was 2 tootsie roll pops.

    Today, I had a bagel w/light cream cheese for breakfast. Lunch was quinoa and tofu w/thai sauce. I'm going to have some baby carrots w/hummus for an afternoon snack. Morning snack was clementine oranges. Dinner is rice & veggie stir-fry. I will likely bring a block of tofu as my mom will be making chicken for the others. Want to steer clear of soy sauce as I usually gain 1-2lbs in temporary water weight after eating that and I've got a date with the scale coming up!!

    Tomorrow, I have to take Claire's friend home either before or after dropping Nathan off at his bowling tournament (with Jeff). My parents are handling Lucas' soccer practice and his bowling tournament as both are on the other end of the city at the same time! It will be a quick turnaround for lunch as the boys have curling. We should be chillaxing tomorrow night!

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    Same old thing for me. Sitting at the computer for endless hours typing, proof reading, etc. Work, work, work. It never ends.

    Did run DD to college for a quick test and me to the store briefly but that is it as far as outside activity. Back to typing now.

    Did cook enough Pennsylvania Dutch baked oatmeal for several days, so breakfast is pretty much taken care of. Now on to other meals.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!! If I can tie myself down enough to get the majority of my work done than I will get to church tomorrow and then back to work again. This is why I never have time to exercise. UGH!!! When it rains it pours. Ice makes injuries and makes more work for me and in turn more $$$ so I won't complain.
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    Default Re: SFT Weekend edition Feb 12/13

    Quote Originally Posted by sodacracker View Post

    Listened to podcasts on the way home home with Dr Pam Popper and Dr. Esseltyne on plant based eating.
    I love Dr Esselstyn! I listen to audio tapes of Dr Fuhrman in the car. Once I get back to the gym, I can play podcasts while using the treadmil and eliptical. Was not aware of a Dr Esselstyn podcast, but I will look for it on itunes.

    Helped DD#2 move into her new house. Actually, I just put things away in the kitchen. The guys moved all the heavy stuff. I planned ahead and brought my own lunch of red lentil/artichoke stew, green salad with low fat hummus dressing, and an apple. Had some cold potatoes and more hummus for a snack.
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    Default Re: SFT Weekend edition Feb 12/13

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    Default Re: SFT Weekend edition Feb 12/13

    DS and friend up at 6 playing a video game super quiet ( or so they thought!)
    about to make them pancakes and a smoothie for me
    Yesterday was crazy busy driving from one thing to another all day, so today DH and I are each taking half a day to ourselves while the other holds down the fort at home so we can go and get some things done for ourselves.

    Will check in later today

    off to do food plan for today. WI is tomorrow and I woud like to see some of that 3 pound gain disappear.

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    I am still here working a way and trying to make a dent in my work before Monday comes. I will be taking DD to the movie tonight to see Sixteen Candles (from the 80s) it is should be a hoot. So better type my fingers to the bones until time for the movie, or will have to do it tonight when we return. I have w/i tomorrow and do pray I got a loss of some sort. It is getting aggravating losing 4 pound one week only to gain 2 then next. UGH!!! Thinking of going to a nutritionist. I will try to work on meals later, but really have to work on speech for graduation and music for graduation and 30 pictures for DD slide show for graduation, all due really, really soon and I have procrastinated on it until now. PROCRASTINATORS UNITE - - - -TOMORROW. That is me.
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