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Thread: SFT Friday Food can be fun day!

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    Default SFT Friday Food can be fun day!

    Hello everyone,

    Today I am packing up and leaving home!
    Well, taking the train to the city and seeing a friend who has had a sad year. We have a nice afternoon planned of lunch out, looking at art galleries and as she is on WW too, she is making a points friendly dinner.

    She and her husband have a large home ( not fancy, just lots of rooms) and all their kids have left home so it is very relaxing there. I head back by train tomorrow morning so, not a long visit, but I am not on mom duty for 24 hours .

    Generally when I try this I get calls and texts from my kids complaining about dad, or each other. I told them all that I will not have my phone on, and if it is a true emergency they can call the hosts family phone and leave a message. they won't do that if it is just nattering complaining so I think I am safe.

    See you all tomorrow!

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    Soda - sounds like a truly nice time away. I hope you both enjoy the visiting, with all the activities and what better a WW friendly dinner. Sounds so wonderful. Enjoy!!!
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    Default Re: SFT Friday Food can be fun day!

    Good Morning!

    I'm on day 5 of my weekly OP cycle and have just under 40 WPAs left so I need to think about how I'm going to split them up over the weekend. Jeff's going out for lunch with a friend today. I've already had pizza (homemade) twice this week. I even had a DQ ice cream cone last weekend as well. I'm not really wanting to plan a points splurge on something sweet as I'm finding my Tootsie Roll Pops and hot chocolate, not to mention fruit, are enough of a sweet fix. Claire brought home some chocolate bars from school yesterday to help raise funds for the grade 8 trip to Quebec City. I took two bars and split them up so we each got 3 pieces. I found that it caused a blood sugar spike and crash (even eaten directly after dinner), which resulted in me feeling triggered for the rest of the night. I could have very easily started bingeing. And it was all because of the sugar. I made some popcorn for us to eat while watching the movie and just walked away from the kitchen. I have to be *very* careful with sweets. They're the make or break for me.

    So, my plan for today? I had my usual oatmeal with soy milk, maple syrup and banana for breakfast. I probably could take out the maple syrup as my taste buds have readjusted enough that I don't really "need" the syrup there. But I start to feel deprived/resentful if I don't have a bit of sweet every day so if 1tbsp of maple syrup can make the difference as to whether or not I wind up bingeing on a high point sweet item later in the day or at some point in the week, then bring it on!! I've got one falafel patty left in the fridge so I guess I'll have that for lunch when Jeff's off with his friend. I'm out of hummus though so maybe I'll go shopping first to get some more. I've still got the defrosted chile in the fridge for dinner if I don't come up with something else!!

    Soda- Have fun!! Great plan to cut off their access to you!

    Mickee- I think Jazzercize sounds great. Don't let your weight stop you from doing what you want. Just take it at your level as you start out and watch how quickly you progress! Everything is harder when we have a lot of weight to lose but we have to power through it. I know I've used these extra pounds as an excuse to not get back into running. But you have to walk before you run so I need to get back out there and walk until I lose some more weight and can run without blowing my knees from the pressure of the extra weight!!

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Food can be fun day!

    hi there,
    My friend and her husband on on skype talking to their 26 year old son who is announcing his engagement so I am on the compute in the other room and checking email and here.

    Where is everyone?

    Great food day as it happened - the restaurant had a winter salad of blood oranges, beets and escarole and a lentil and root vegetable side dish ! Perfect!

    Back to my hometown tomorrow so will check in then.

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