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Thread: SFT Monday Feb 7 - Focus February

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    Default SFT Monday Feb 7 - Focus February

    Posted my meal plan for the week, printed it out for the kitchen and will update it as the week goes on.

    OK week ahead, some work, some time off, every evening has something booked either DS activity or a meeting for me.

    For all those waiting for test results and job news hang in there and let us know.

    I will check in later.

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    Default Re: SFT Monday Feb 7 - Focus February

    Morning ladies -

    My goal this week is not to complain, but to try to flip it aouund to either a postiive goal or to just count a blessing instead.

    That said, I will eat every few hours today, and I will make food choices that bless my body.

    A friend coming over soon, so I am off for now...

    Edited to add food choices...

    b- coffee, 2 cups
    s/l - slices of turkey rolled up, 1.5 crackers off dd's plate
    s - clementine
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    Default Re: SFT Monday Feb 7 - Focus February

    Good Morning!

    Well, it appears I got confused somewhere along the way. I joined WW online last Sunday and thought my journal would be Sun to Sun. But either I didn't enter in my starting weight until last Monday or else I chose Monday as the WI day. Either way, my journal week wound up being 8 days, not 7. I'm lucky that I still had some points left over after my splurge on what I thought was the last day of my week. *eek*

    So, my official first week weigh in was today. I was down another 1/2lb so that's 3.5lbs for the first 8 days!!

    I don't have a food plan yet today. Jeff made oatmeal so I'll go up and have that. I'll likely make some falafel for lunch (I keep saying I'm going to do it and wind up doing something else instead! LOL). I need to think about what kind of staple I'll make for the kids this week but I'm not feeling it today so perhaps I'll just pull out some chile from the freezer and that'll do!

    I've got some errands to run today. The boys have indoor soccer tonight. Claire has a French speech she needs to translate (she's written it in English and now I have to help her convert it to French). That's our plan tonight!

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    Good Morning All:

    Not starting off in a good state of mind. Gained 2.2 pounds which irks me. Yes, I went over my points, and yes it was right at the end before w/i, so no one to blame but me, but really 2.2 pounds. I don't think so. So, going to try to get in some exercise of some sort this week and stick to the meal plan I have outlined on the 7 day plan on another thread. I have printed it out for reference. I hope all others before and after me have a super week and do what they set out to do.
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    Default Re: SFT Monday Feb 7 - Focus February

    back at home, DD dropped off at work, DS with his tutor up in the kitchen, dinner warming on the stove and looking forward to a relaxing evening of nothing : )

    off to update my food plan.

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    Default Re: SFT Monday Feb 7 - Focus February

    The kitchen is officially closed tonight except for herbal tea and water.
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