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Thread: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

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    sodacracker Guest

    Default SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    Hi everyone,

    Theme of the day is those 49 WPA's. We all get them SFT or Points Plus counters.
    How accurately do you track them? Are you using them? Do you plan to use them or does it "just happen".

    I have always used them, even in the days when I was first getting to goal. I still do but I can tell I am not using them as smartly, yet.

    I run through them fairly quickly as I am not as far along in my thinking of when hungry pick a Power food for no points, rather than a WPA food.

    I have done well tracking the past two weeks and ran out at about the same time each week two or three days before WI.

    Do you find planning on how you will use them works better for you?

    Will be back later - coffee meeting at 9 with some other parents of kids with learning differences. Looking forward to the conversation, but not the location ( a wonderful café/bakery). Shields up!

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    soda - I def need to track them better, sometimes I use them on the poorest choices and I think that's why I got all blocked-up!
    So tonight I'm going to focus on some new recipes and a better game plan for the week and get some exercise in!

    I need to reach my goal before July and eating carbs late at night aren't going to get me there! I might need to restart my WI for Sundays too because of my work, but I'll report in on Monday so I can still be in with you guys on Monday.

    Let us know how your get together goes and if you planned accordingly!

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    I missed the post yesterday!!

    Working on day 6 OP here. I've got around 40 WPAs left to eat today and tomorrow. I likely won't do it!! I'd wanted to get a "baseline" with my new Target the first couple of weeks. I am not sure how I'm going to do things going forward-- perhaps some weeks I'll just add 7 points per day to my Target, other weeks I'll save them for special occasions, other weeks I might just use them "at will" and see how it goes.

    I haven't exercised much this week but will focus on it more next week.

    Had a core oatmeal pancake with berries & maple syrup for breakfast.
    I'm going to make "mock tuna salad" with chickpeas for lunch. I bought some wraps at Costco last night but the bag was already broken so everything's cut and stale. I'm going to return it as it was sliced straight through-- that didn't happen in my car!!
    Dinner is TBD. Nathan has a friend coming over. Perhaps I'll defrost some turkey sausages and make baked potatoes to go with it. I've had baked potatoes for dinner two nights in a row though so I need to think about what *I* want to have for dinner. I'd like Jeff to make some spelt pizza but I'd have to go to the mill to get more kernels to grind.....

    Mickee- The disc arrived in the mail this morning!! I'm going to have Jeff read it on one of his computers as I haven't dealt with a mini before and I don't want to lose it!! Thanks so much!! Can you send me a PM with the name/address of the next person on the list and I'll try to get it out in the next day or so.

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    Morning all!

    We walked Odie for an hour this morning, a good start to the day!

    I am having lunch with 3 close friends today, and I am telling them about our move. I have made a yummy butternut squash & sweet potato soup for us all, and another friend is bringing veggies. They are good at helping me stay OP!

    We are also telling the boys tomorrow, so it could be a tough weekend. They are 9 & 11, and this is the only place they remember living (the oldest was 15 mths when we moved here 10 yrs ago). I am expecting a lot of emotions as they realsie all the things they have looked forward to that they won't get to do - mainly from the older one. He goes to a slwwpaway camp for a week in the summer that he loves, and he has worked really hard to get into the 'Excellence' program for high school (was supposed to start in Sept). We hope that the fact that school will be English & not French will help, and they have been to Wichita to visit our friends.

    The plan for tomorrow is to take them to Ottawa to skate on the Rideau Canal.

    B: oatmeal
    L: butternut squash & sweet potato soup
    D: we are going to a restaurant that our next door neighbour owns with his son in law. Need to loook at the menu! I do have 40 WPA's left.

    I tend to use only a couple of WPA's though the week, on a hot chocolate, or a Skinny Cow fudgsicle (2 pts). That way I can have a 'treat' for Saturday dinner without worrying about going Op.

    Have agreat day buddies!


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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    I don't really try, but do use all or nearly all my WPA every week. I try to use a few a day and save enough to go out to eat on Sunday after church and sometimes Friday night too. My W/I day is Monday and right now I have 28 left to use through Sunday. Seeing as we are snowed in, there is no eating out this weekend probably anyway. So I will be fine with 28 and will try to use them too.

    B-Pennsylvania baked oatmeal, hot tea. (6)


    L-Homemade potato soup and cornbread

    D-Core sloppy joes, green beans
    . (9)

    S-all bran buds with blackberry greek yogurt. (10)
    Never give up or look back,


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    Smile Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    Peeking in and saying "hi" to all my Buddies!

    Maintaining at 10-pounds under WW goal. Reading The Pleasure Trap...really interesting!

    How's the new program working for you? Sounds like you're still figuring it out; I'm sure you'll all do GREAT!

    Trying to get back-to-normal. For some reason today is an extra-dizzy day... Just what I didn't need.

    Doing all those things I put off during mom's ill health. Looked down at Dpup and realized she hadn't been groomed in QUITE awhile, poor little neglected thing.

    I am really looking forward to Spring and Summer and all the fruits and veggies and produce and Farmer's Markets...and swimming again!

    It's coming, right?...

    May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.

    Check out my website!


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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    Becky- I'M SO JEALOUS!!!! If we weren't so busy on the weekends, I'd come up and join you. We used to live in Ottawa. I *love* skating on the Rideau Canal! Have a Beaver Tail (counted, of course) for me!!

    Carol- I'm sorry that the vertigo is still plaguing you!!

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    sodacracker Guest

    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    just checking in - the other parents all ordered breakfast panini's and muffins or both. I had a valentine shaped cookie that probably was more like 6 points that the 4 I had left. Came home for an all power foods lunch and am off to do errands all afternoon. The shield must have weakened when I saw my mother walk into the same cafe ( what are the chances? )

    Am going to do a 20 minute walk after school to earn back a few of the calories I overspent .

    Becky good luck with the telling the kids. The canal is fun - I barely skate but when I lived in Ottawa I liked going our for night skating with DH and the two of us tripped along impressed by all the graceful skaters zooming along. One of my co - workers even skated to work!

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    I am here. Weight was up a pound this AM. Hope it was due to having a bag of popcorn last night and will flush out (literally) today. The popcprn was good, but I more ate it for the fiber benefits...which did work.

    b- 2 cups coffee, then rest of yesterday's smoothie
    l -
    I have had NO APPETITE the past few days, which is completely NOT like me..I am always hungry - either physically or mentally or both.

    Started Jazzercise today. PLan to go 2-4 times a week. Fun.


    I have not tracked my WPA well at all. I used to use most of them Sunday night for a treat. Now I try to use 4-5 a day and leave it at that.

    Soda - Good for you for making a choice and hen figuring out a way to deal with it. The 20 minute walk will feel good.
    Michelle - That sounds like a good plan. I love trying new recipes.
    Kimberley - Good to see you. 6 days is GREAT.
    Becky - Good luck with telling yje boys. It is going to be a rough time for everyone. Skating sounds fun. We're going tomorrow, too!
    Mickee -Your food plan looks great. That baked oatmeal loks delish. Do you lighten it, or just go for the real thing?
    Carol - Sorry to hear about the dizziness. I can't imagine. 10 pounds under...way to go! I want to check out that book.

    Off for a mini attack on my house...

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    Teg: This is the recipe I use and made it as is. If I count points I need all I can get to get to 29, so have been using full fat dairy products from the farm.

    Baked Pennsylvania Dutch Oatmeal

    Makes 6 servings
    6 points plus per serving

    2 C. boiling water
    2 C. whole milk
    2 C. regular rolled oats
    1/2 tsp. salt
    3/4 C. chopped pitted prunes, apricots, or raisins
    2 med. apples or pears, chopped fine
    2 tsp. ground cinammon (or to taste)
    3 TBS. brown sugar, maple or dark corn syrup or table molasses (or DV SF pancake syrup or any other syrup)

    Serve with FF 1/2 and 1/2, vanilla soymilk, skim, or low-fat milk.

    Combine the water, milk, oats and salt in an ovenproof casserole. Let sit 5 minutes. Stir in the fruit, cinnamon and sugar, cover and place in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes; remove cover for last 5 minutes of baking.
    Never give up or look back,


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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    Ohhh, I could do this with coconut milk. And maybe some dates? (I googled recipes and some had butter in them, wasn't sure if that was part of the charm of this. I mean, butter sure is delicious, but it is not on my plan these days!) Thanks.

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    you are very welcome. I don't use butter in this one, as it does not call for it, but I do use real butter when need be. I try to stay away from hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated oil, trans fats, that are in most margarine. I am a label reader, as you can see. Hope you enjoy it. The fruits can be varied. I think this was originally posted from Carol and she had tons of variations on the fruit and the points for each version, but it was points not points plus, so you would have to re-figure the points.

    Found it. Here is the original link.
    Never give up or look back,


    HW: 238
    WW: 8/18/06--210

    GOAL: 130

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    Thanks. And I agree about the butter. I have been using a spread with butter and olive oil - what do you think of those?

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    I haven't found one with butter and olive oil, would love to though. What is it that you use. I use Land of lakes in a green container that is butter and canola oil. I like it quite well but for any baking I use real butter. It just does not spread well enough for daily use though.
    Never give up or look back,


    HW: 238
    WW: 8/18/06--210

    GOAL: 130

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    Default Re: SFT Friday Feb. 5 - How many WPA's left?

    I have to check the brand. I have done the Land o lakes also. Ds likes buttered taost every morning, so the spread is good for that. I agree about using the real stuff when needed. Let me see what I have downstairs....

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