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Thread: Potatoes?

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    ELLENORE Guest

    Cool Potatoes?

    I'm starting on program again, however, I'm confused about the starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn , peas), do we use WPA points or are they S/F? Thanks for your help.

    The sun is shinning here, hope you see the sun today too.

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    They are power foods. You don't count points for them on Simply Filling. (You do count points for them on the regular point counting plan).

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    They are power food. Do notknow the points plus points only that they are good for simply filling and can eat them more than one meal a day!!!!
    My husband makes the best Oven "fries" without oil !!.......mmmmmmm good

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    sodacracker Guest

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    hey, a whole thread of new posters - are any of you from a previous time at BCB ?

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    Hi Sakeo, How does your husband make his oven fries?
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    He cuts them in strips with the skin on (russets usually) sprays a pan with pam sprinkles with garlic salt and puts in a toaster oven. (not sure of the setting).

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    ELLENORE Guest

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    I've been in an out since 2008. This sight has been a great source of information and encouragement.

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